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How We Staged a UFO Hoax
Päivä sitten
Inside Marc Rebillet's Mind
Uukausi sitten
Japan's Robot Hotel
Uukausi sitten
Al Stahl
Al Stahl 12 tuntia sitten
Cavscout101 12 tuntia sitten
Ask the Clintons
Mirco Zanghierato
Mirco Zanghierato 12 tuntia sitten
Potevo diventare un criminale e invece sono diventato un criminale
Robbie Johnson
Robbie Johnson 12 tuntia sitten
How is riding a wheelie considered a prodigy?
Tipsy Gamer
Tipsy Gamer 12 tuntia sitten
You thought it was a hitman... but it was i DIO!!!!!
Rachthestudd Louring
Rachthestudd Louring 12 tuntia sitten
2:59 thought that was some song
Markus Flavour
Markus Flavour 12 tuntia sitten
Y’all gotta be grateful for your health , since you are healthy , you can do anything in your life just be patient and grateful no matter what conditions. ALHAMDULILAH
✯WORKING CLASS HERO✯ 12 tuntia sitten
Finally, a business idea that can survive late capitalism. Murder For Hire Blackmail Incorporated
STUNN312 12 tuntia sitten
all this losers yelling out, "F the Police! F the police!" until someone gets hurt and then they yell out " Help us! Medic! Why are the police not helping us??"
✯WORKING CLASS HERO✯ 12 tuntia sitten
CIA is hiring
Larson Clarke
Larson Clarke 12 tuntia sitten
BLM should there and stop it all.
rankoss 12 tuntia sitten
Lmao I’m not being edgy but hasn’t everyone seen a shock site, this guy for traumatised by 4chan KEK
PodaTheCat 12 tuntia sitten
Hoomans are killing us ferals and not adopting us ,that would fix the problem,these humans made 163 species extinct and kill 9 billion animal every year,soon we ferals will kill these hoomans
Percy Blok
Percy Blok 12 tuntia sitten
"95% of the time it's great, the other 5%..." Welcome to the real world. Cry me a f'n river.
pillarcloud 12 tuntia sitten
Any army or soldier is brainwashed
Franny Y
Franny Y 12 tuntia sitten
This reporter sucks
SanMan 12 tuntia sitten
Never date or marry a single mom
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 12 tuntia sitten
Should have read between the lines".....oh well at least you helped get rid of the stupid gambling machines...
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 12 tuntia sitten
Should have read between the lines".....oh well at least you helped get rid of the stupid gambling machines...
John Bobby
John Bobby 12 tuntia sitten
Oakland baby
Shaby Parveen
Shaby Parveen 12 tuntia sitten
Awesome that Mundo guy 👍
dedprzdnt 12 tuntia sitten
we need spider cuz in the next spider-verse movie FACTS!
Eric Woodlee
Eric Woodlee 12 tuntia sitten
Wow, the mother knew her daughter very well, “now she’s your trouble”. That’s got to be the biggest red flag I’ve ever heard of.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 12 tuntia sitten
I was like this dudes insane and then he read a hate comment and recognized it was at least unique and well thought out and I can definitely appreciate that
John John
John John 12 tuntia sitten
This is what happens when Puerto Rican’s run a police force.😆😂😅
Adrian Green
Adrian Green 12 tuntia sitten
Like I just don’t understand the mindset of people 😂. This is why you only buy carts from a dispensary but then again dispensaries ain’t everywhere just yet nor legal everywhere. Glad I live in a legal state for kush 😂
JUGGY NO 12 tuntia sitten
Good report
WhiteOwl 8 5 0
WhiteOwl 8 5 0 12 tuntia sitten
In other words no you shouldn't be afraid of them
Ed R
Ed R 12 tuntia sitten
I want some of the crack they are using
Immortal Asirpa
Immortal Asirpa 12 tuntia sitten
*Carpetbagger aliens.* They don't like genocide, but if a species wants to kill itself with a virus, they'll exploit the leftovers. Must be close to a tipping point on the death rate 😬 if they're monitoring this close lol
Iniesta 8
Iniesta 8 12 tuntia sitten
I like how everyone collectively hated the chief’s daughter ☺️
Bestwick1983 12 tuntia sitten
This is what happens when you don't give your kids enough attention or enough thrashings.
Dinujaya Pathirana
Dinujaya Pathirana 12 tuntia sitten
I highly doubt that someone would wanna marry someone else who had sex with more 1k ppl unless it’s for the money, again my opinion only not a fact
George Applegate
George Applegate 12 tuntia sitten
Drug money
Patches0hulahan 12 tuntia sitten
6:19 NOTHING is better than a news caster pun!
Ash Rhae2
Ash Rhae2 12 tuntia sitten
“The same people worshipping and adoring him now”.. he’s not GOD. 50:27 30:49 anyone that truly worships GOD will NEVER let anyone worship him/her.
Open Eye
Open Eye 12 tuntia sitten
This is not only a waste of time but is counter productive to the progression of humanity. Congrats on letting your existence to be worse for everyone around you. Thank god your dumbass didn’t start a forest fire with those flares.
BAG CHASING 12 tuntia sitten
God bless this kid with many blessings him and his family will live prosperous lives in the name of Jesus Amen
ki5ngau 12 tuntia sitten
Stupid! 'We are there just to have fun'. Until you loose control and take out someone or crash into some gramma's house and kill her.
Sasha A
Sasha A 12 tuntia sitten
"People see what they wanted to see " Religion in a nutshell
Fantom Feelings
Fantom Feelings 12 tuntia sitten
Moral of the story, don't go for single moms.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak 12 tuntia sitten
It's so dark...
Génta Ridzky Fitrian
Génta Ridzky Fitrian 12 tuntia sitten
This sick man, should at least contained in an asylum, or a facility that made for them who had harmful psychological disorder!! It's totally disgusting to know that the authorities really left such a person lingering around doing his stuff; we totally unaware when he can possibly got his next victims and it is utterly dangerous to just let this kind of person living their life without any strict monitoring
Secular Institute Headquarters and Guild
*To the KKK Supremist Out There! Breastfeeding "white" infant babies on N-word milk was the rule of the day. How can you Aryans claim that your blood is pure? Google: Slave Milk Breastfeeding America
Blud Suk3r
Blud Suk3r 12 tuntia sitten
Has he been picked yet?? Lmfaooo
Jordan May
Jordan May 12 tuntia sitten
The stray's will never die, and the politicians, regardless of party affiliation, who sold us out to foreign investors will be held accountable for tearing the soul out of this country.
Andrew Whitfield
Andrew Whitfield 12 tuntia sitten
Lies are most always over explained. Squeaky wheel logic applies. Make of it what you will I'm not the story teller here nor are you.
Larry Hampton
Larry Hampton 12 tuntia sitten
I was making “UFOs” back in 1969 with dry cleaner plastic bags, plastic straws and birthday candles with strips of aluminum hanging off the bottom. My hometown had a SAC USAFB B-52 base and their radar picked them up. They also floated directly over the high school football game during halftime. There were articles written in the local newspaper with comments from the AFB PR officer. I was never caught and did this same stunt three more times with fewer results.
ProphetDev 12 tuntia sitten
ROBOCOP_1987 12 tuntia sitten
5:27 , these guys must have seen this on TV and probably died from laughing .
The Chosen Meme
The Chosen Meme 12 tuntia sitten
I just like how they call him a “ Florida man” 😂
Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand 12 tuntia sitten
Also need a "How Democrats staged the impeachment hoax".
tim 5
tim 5 12 tuntia sitten
Or "how Republicans staged the stolen election hoax!" Keep that same energy 👏👏👏
Perry Gibson
Perry Gibson 12 tuntia sitten
The truth, to hypocrisy. Patiently waiting for the reckoning...
King Brown
King Brown 12 tuntia sitten
I watch porn and people harm each other and themselves daily how I do I apply
Acapella Fella
Acapella Fella 12 tuntia sitten
I'm gonna use led lights in my balloons for my hoax.
No Name
No Name 12 tuntia sitten
The Chef Made a Cross contamination with his hands
Soluz Villaluna
Soluz Villaluna 12 tuntia sitten
How I wish I could get to see you personally to thank you for being such a beautiful soul, Agafia. You are an inspiration. God bless you...
Murtza _
Murtza _ 12 tuntia sitten
This just isn’t the right way to stop things like this. Like don’t take matters like this into your own hands. If you’re concerned about the conditions you can legally ask them to search them and the conditions of the animals.
A. S
A. S 12 tuntia sitten
Dano D'lion
Dano D'lion 12 tuntia sitten
VICE making sure to work the masks into almost every story.
Dan LaRev
Dan LaRev 12 tuntia sitten
His parents should be punished
Christopher Blazek
Christopher Blazek 12 tuntia sitten
I wanna ride my dirt bike
Iniesta 8
Iniesta 8 12 tuntia sitten
Chief’s daughter was mad there was no more money for expensive holidays from daddy.
Tmg Clips
Tmg Clips 12 tuntia sitten
Hitman are real. Cartels got thousands, gangs are full of hitman, CIA has a team of hitmen, but dark web sites are definitely a scam
ham zai
ham zai 12 tuntia sitten
*To all who Are Misled* Migrant population of uk is less than 5% of the population. And ‘Economic Migrants’ as the name suggests pay rent and don’t receive free housing if they are getting a wage and working, meaning they are actually contributing to the economy. This theory of yours is wrong sir and I’ll explain why and who Actually benefits from you having this way of thinking. The Elites and Right Wing groups who already own several homes and stocks and want to keep control of them Spread these kind of Narritives, have you guessed why? Because They Want you to Blame and act against a group of minority who Have just less than 2.5% of UKs wealth, instead of you all knowing the truth and demanding your fair share of the societies wealth from them. They want you to chase a group who owns only about 2% of economy instead of go After their(Elites) 90% share of the Economic Pie. If the Tory government wanted, they could provide property to every British Citizen within 10years. But then why would you need to pay them rent and put money in their pockets? It’s all a system mate, and I hope you actually figure out who is actually taking your right to a home and decent life.
Fantasia Artists
Fantasia Artists 12 tuntia sitten
Watched this for the second time.
David 12 tuntia sitten
……this is the dumbest waste of time