Big Business vs Drug Dealers: The Battle Over Lebanon’s Weed Industry 

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Lebanon, a country that has been illegally exporting cannabis for decades, has become the first Arab country to legalize the plant for medicinal export.
Despite a collapsing economy, COVID-19 and an explosion that devastated Beirut in 2020, investors are flocking to Lebanon to capitalize upon the new laws.
VICE’s Rony Karkar explores the nuanced relationships between investors and drug lords in an unprecedented time for the country.
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Lebanon’s Green Gold Rush









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Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams 10 tuntia sitten
Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?
Dylan Clawson
Dylan Clawson Päivä sitten
Great video Vice!
Matthew Christian
Matthew Christian 2 päivää sitten
seeing the banner "inside lebannons war on weed" after just saying the government legalized it. I mean how hard up are you for a more spicy story? the news of it being legal was good enough. And 2 videos by different journalist in under 2 weeks? I miss the days when the original guys actually did the investigative work instead of paying fresh new kids to go do it.
dieselphiend 3 päivää sitten
It's not like these businessmen can just pull the genetics they need for their business, out of thin air. People were persecuted for untold years to cultivate and create them, ONLY TO LOSE THEM??
lupo1thewolf 4 päivää sitten
These are some smart farmers, government bite the dust, stay away with your greedy hands from honest workers
Kalle Svensson
Kalle Svensson 5 päivää sitten
Shiat Ali ☝🏽☝🏽313
Mathew Wilson
Mathew Wilson 7 päivää sitten
It took me 30 minutes to pinpoint this guys house: 34.129839, 36.029106 LOL!
Don Berna
Don Berna 7 päivää sitten
theDownhiller 7 päivää sitten
Once again a great doc. from Vice.
Thermal Meltdown
Thermal Meltdown 8 päivää sitten
I would think that the US will be taking over the CBD trade after the millions of acres of hemp get harvested this year.
Rick B
Rick B 8 päivää sitten
A pardon is kind of useless to someone who has an arrest warrant that the government cannot or will not ever execute. If the the American guy wants the illegal hash farmers to accept his offer he is going to have to convince the Lebanese government to come down hard on illegal farmers with warrants.
ملك الحرية
ملك الحرية 9 päivää sitten
yes3ed rabak
Adamills 9 päivää sitten
Normalizing masks is wicked.
MontaViews 9 päivää sitten
Albano ott :D Kann man genauso gut Brokoli rauchen, würde wahrscheinlich sogar noch besser schmecken.
Cawet Melar
Cawet Melar 9 päivää sitten
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Rocky Dog
Rocky Dog 9 päivää sitten
My friends and I became glutinous 🤞
aimASSIST2K 10 päivää sitten
Interesting mindset. Money over errrthang
jamaicawaka 11 päivää sitten
these so called illegal cannabis farmers are trying to tell these guys that they export the plants to be sold and that is why legalizing it in lebanon isn't relevant but they cant say that to inciminate themselves lol
///M 11 päivää sitten
50k yacht master on his wrist lmao
oriwalker 11 päivää sitten
Well that's kind of summaries the Arab's world at every corner in the *middle east (*except to Israel).
Danny J
Danny J 11 päivää sitten
Zami Adams
Zami Adams 13 päivää sitten
The blessed medicine, i have lot's of elderly friends who can have nothing but cannabis for pain relief. It's an international disgrace that people suffer without the weed.
Nik nik
Nik nik 13 päivää sitten
Lebanon hash is putrid. Where is the quality control? He is literally scraping it off the ground, dirt and all. Let's not pretend that this is anything other than poor quality product that is super overpriced. This is not medicine. This is not even good hash. This is bs.
The Ethicist Philosophy Show
The Ethicist Philosophy Show 13 päivää sitten
When the government rigs the market the only free market is the black one Ⓐ
James Conway
James Conway 13 päivää sitten
It's a war of minds! Like this guy!
Mom's Basement
Mom's Basement 14 päivää sitten
That sheep looked really laid back.
Mauricio Coelho
Mauricio Coelho 14 päivää sitten
That weed is so dark problably not good for smoking
Mohamad Jouzou
Mohamad Jouzou 14 päivää sitten
Ayre brabbak malla video❤️❤️❤️❤️
Big Mufasa
Big Mufasa 14 päivää sitten
"we want to make money off of your addiction" the documentary. When are people going to see that cannabis is being used the same way that heroin or crack is, displaying the CBD products in the forefront is laughable. You're making money off the THC not the CBD, and while most people live in squalor, this guy sits in a high rise with his youthful wife and their spoiled kids... great..
Danny J
Danny J 11 päivää sitten
Nah, cannabis addiction is no where near as bad as heroin or crack.
joseph prouse
joseph prouse 14 päivää sitten
They're going to make it unfair and only the corporate marijuana company will be able to flourish. It's like a form of economic domination, and it turns people into communists when they lash out at capitalism
joseph prouse
joseph prouse 14 päivää sitten
They want to tax you and take from you. They were going without that money all this time it was illegal. Now that it's legal doesn't mean they should tax you, does it? Their marijuana business is like an ecosystem, and the government would be disrupting it and stealing from people. They did all the work, it's their home, it's theirs, leave them alone
Eldin Nukic
Eldin Nukic 14 päivää sitten
I would be honored to try lebanese weed. And I know they would be so willing to share it too. These people literally want to give this weed away .. all they really want is to be sure they're going to eat and be able to provide for their families ... That is not a crime. God given plants are not criminal... This is ridiculous quite frankly. You wouldn't be able to make this stuff up.
joseph prouse
joseph prouse 14 päivää sitten
So he's not saying take the warrants off their heads, he's just blaming his victim
joseph prouse
joseph prouse 14 päivää sitten
Pure evil. Seems like he's wearing a disguise lol
Adam 15 päivää sitten
The investor is basically a human garbage bag exploiting the locals
Soldagg 15 päivää sitten
Need to feed the family with this Mercedes S class.
Danny J
Danny J 11 päivää sitten
hakim solana
hakim solana 15 päivää sitten
in U.S more than 15 States legalized this Medicinal Herbs, in Israel they used this as a Medicinal also for the Senior Citizens, so, is there any illegal used of this Herbs, who said that this is illegal?
ORTHOKING 15 päivää sitten
Daniel pretty much the guy trying to capitalize on ali's business is lucky to come out alive from the dealers property.
Jonathan Labrecque Poirier
Jonathan Labrecque Poirier 15 päivää sitten
Lebanon hashish ❤️
Arnold. S
Arnold. S 15 päivää sitten
Can you please release the video with slower subtitles? Doesn't give us enough time to read it without going onto the next sentence... ty
Nadia Idhen
Nadia Idhen 15 päivää sitten
MR Mike
MR Mike 15 päivää sitten
The way that farmer was talking about the Lebanese government is exactly the way United States government is
Josip 15 päivää sitten
2:12 his wife is perfect! Like I can't imagine a woman being more beautiful than that
A. I.
A. I. 15 päivää sitten
Because the government personnel are working in cooperation with exporting the weed outside the country and of course, they get paid.
A. I.
A. I. 15 päivää sitten
I think Vise is becoming an international drug cartel I mean aficionado.
Jose 8A
Jose 8A 15 päivää sitten
Who else wants all these drug addicts to die asap
killermcbiagio 15 päivää sitten
El tiene razón, si fuera legal y pagara impuestos menos ganaría el y repartiría menos a sus trabajadores mientras que las ganancias van a los bancos, eso es lo que Putin condena, el capitalismo salvaje, el político no funge como "servidor publico" si no como "inversor", y el "capital" del mercado mina los puestos de trabajos con ""tecnificación" y trae mas desgracias que beneficios, tanto sociales, económicos, ambientales y hasta de discriminación por que empezarían a "estudiar" y solo meterían personas de una casta, NO DEJAN DESARROLLARSE, en México disque la van a legalizar, se meteran las tabacaleras a comprar mas tierra acabarla y meter todas las ganancias a los BANCOS.
Hashifornia 15 päivää sitten
710Labs would say thats tier 7 🥴
Davidnumber23 15 päivää sitten
interesting angle, Long Live Lebanon!✌
Anibal Garcia
Anibal Garcia 15 päivää sitten
Hashish is one thing and canabis groung husk mix with sinthetic canabinoids is something else. In the old days just between 5% to 10% of the top parts of the plant will be use to made hash. Now they use eveything. What a shitty product
34ey5 drift
34ey5 drift 15 päivää sitten
lebanon red inc !!!!
Lorenzo Carmagnola
Lorenzo Carmagnola 15 päivää sitten
This is medicine. let them produce.
Gaunjaguy420 16 päivää sitten
Basically the little man vs the corporate bullshit as usual.
sk8andguitars 16 päivää sitten
Thats great news.
Ray S
Ray S 16 päivää sitten
A raging covid problem. LoL 😂
Ronald Franklin
Ronald Franklin 16 päivää sitten
Lebanese blonde and red hash is only surpassed in quality by the Afghanistan Black hash ! Cheers
ScumBag 16 päivää sitten
American businessman- comes to poor company, could help the people. Instead scalps them because people will do anything at any rate for food
Mini Diva
Mini Diva 16 päivää sitten
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USlisa50 16 päivää sitten
Lebanese hash used to come here in the 70s in an Arabic stamped cloth. It was the best!
Aniket Murkute
Aniket Murkute 16 päivää sitten
Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary
Probably one of the few decent things in the world.
BawaSaNya 16 päivää sitten
Lebanon hangover
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 16 päivää sitten
Lebanese hashish is some good stuff. Not quite on the level as some Nepalese but still great stuff. Really wish we could get legit hashish in the US.
Annoyingmous 16 päivää sitten
"No law will ever be worth the paper it's written on," is such a great phrase.
Justin Eloff
Justin Eloff 16 päivää sitten
If they take ganja out of the hands of rastas then Africa 🌍😤 will rise
Nobody 16 päivää sitten
Plastic, fuel, cloth, etc. All from hemp. Lots of products to help the Lebanese🙏💖👍 You guy's deserve some positive news and joy. Bless ya from Australia🙏💖👍
Adam Ray
Adam Ray 16 päivää sitten
I like Ali. Seems like a cool guy
mido 0902
mido 0902 16 päivää sitten
لككك أنا ☝️☝️☝️ لاااا بالحكووووومة ولا الدولة 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂
TheGreen0arrow 16 päivää sitten
One of the best Vice documentary I’ve watched.
ExGo 4 IT
ExGo 4 IT 16 päivää sitten
I want to watch more
Nammo Shawkat
Nammo Shawkat 16 päivää sitten
Delta 8 is lit
Greg McB
Greg McB 16 päivää sitten
It’s ridiculous that any vegetable should become illegal, all it does it turn farmers into drug dealers and build a rift between the government and the people
Rubencito Kun
Rubencito Kun 16 päivää sitten
So Lebanon 🇱🇧 is basically becoming or has become Mexico in the aspect you have “Families” with ties to growing weed and they fight with other “families” for control and now that it’s legal this “families” are gonna go up against big business they will hire private contractors that actually have military training to defend these crops from the families that would want to damage their crops It truly is the Wild West of the Middle East
irie1tes 16 päivää sitten
You lost me at CBD is the miracle molecule.... *hard eye roll* this guy want to flip snake oil for big bucks
Chris Grecy
Chris Grecy 16 päivää sitten
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Christine Helm Eller
Christine Helm Eller 16 päivää sitten
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Timmie Gill
Timmie Gill 16 päivää sitten
How can I reach her
Christine Helm Eller
Christine Helm Eller 16 päivää sitten
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Kethy Walker
Kethy Walker 16 päivää sitten
Did you trade it yourself?
Christine Helm Eller
Christine Helm Eller 16 päivää sitten
@Muhammad Zikir Yes I do trade Bitcoin my first profit was $14200 and my capital then was $5000
ontheedge33371 16 päivää sitten
The best weed in the word is grown in BC Canada period !
Mmesoma Eboh
Mmesoma Eboh 17 päivää sitten
Lebanese people don’t trust their government. I feel like them also ( Nigerians) 😢
Iyiola Abosede
Iyiola Abosede 13 päivää sitten
Everyone don’t trust there government 💀🚶🏽‍♀️
A.M.Gamboa FFL
A.M.Gamboa FFL 17 päivää sitten
Yes my friend it is fucking money growing on a tree
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia 17 päivää sitten
CBD is a hepatotoxin. It definitely is not a miracle drug in fact it’s the opposite. THC is the miracle drug but it’s illegal so some dipshit decided to take another cannabinoid that was legal and make it the new trend. Go luck with liver damage.
khalil FreeMan
khalil FreeMan 17 päivää sitten
You guys should come to Morocco we have the best Hashish in the world and we at 2nd biggest produced hash in the world after afghanistan.
sam s
sam s 17 päivää sitten
It’s sad that the drug dealers know how to rule Lebanon more than the government
charbel maroun
charbel maroun 17 päivää sitten
That testing device may as well be a fortune cookie 😂 wtf to know info about it you need an advanced lab not a plug in phone thing wtf...
ANDREZ T 17 päivää sitten
Private Security
BeckyBnyc 17 päivää sitten
Seriously I can’t make any rhyme or reason to what goes on in Lebanon 🤷🏼‍♀️
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia 17 päivää sitten
The medicinal needs a purchaser in other nations and there is no such need. The illegal growers have endless customers, nothing change.
Marcus Edwards
Marcus Edwards 17 päivää sitten
And yet the UK still keeps it illegal
Tom C
Tom C 17 päivää sitten
Future medical batches r gonna b mental
AVA prod.
AVA prod. 17 päivää sitten
That mans home is so white, how do you keep that place clean ?
Calvin Duke
Calvin Duke 17 päivää sitten
2:50 ben kingsley' ISH
phycopathic megalomaniac kirby
phycopathic megalomaniac kirby 17 päivää sitten
I mean if its medical and legal i dont see any problems
Ed Sher
Ed Sher 17 päivää sitten
Why not make a video on the biggest Cannabis ( and cannabis Resin) producer that is Afghanistan 🇦🇫.
கொரில்லா 17 päivää sitten
It would be very good some cannabis in the middle east.
Phuck YouTube
Phuck YouTube 17 päivää sitten
There is no patented portable device to test the lmfao
Phuck YouTube
Phuck YouTube 17 päivää sitten
That guy in white is literally the devil lmao 😂
Phuck YouTube
Phuck YouTube 17 päivää sitten
Big explosion happens suddenly weeds legal. Hmmmmmmmm
A Z 17 päivää sitten
It’s all owned by Hezbollah to finance terrorism and to destroy neighbors countries’ youth. You’re fool if you think otherwise.
benedict K
benedict K 17 päivää sitten
Waiting vice to discover the connection of harbour explosion there with the trade there with asian world
Jose Pena
Jose Pena 17 päivää sitten
All drugs from around the world! For usa ! 😂
CreepyPasta I Am Bored
CreepyPasta I Am Bored 17 päivää sitten
How did I not know about this huge explosion in Lebanon?
Curious Wanderer
Curious Wanderer 17 päivää sitten
Ali looks like a person who has gone through a lot in his life.
lefthandedpolack 17 päivää sitten
I'll trade you some of your hash for some of my Michigan hash :)
Teejay Casentino
Teejay Casentino 17 päivää sitten
Does CBD show up on drug tests ? I looked this up and can't get a definitive answer
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