I Broke the World’s 15 Weirdest Superstitions 

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People live their lives by the weirdest rules. Mothers teach their children that it’s the end of the world if they break a mirror, pensioners knock wood as not to accrue any bad luck, such is the control that these rules have over people’s lives.
But has anyone actually put these to the test? VICE’s Oobah Butler decided to break as many as possible in a single day to see if it would ruin his life.
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Kommentteja 100   
VICE 9 päivää sitten
Watch more Oobah here: fiplace.info/to/PLDbSvEZka6GGAYjg7MYTb_C4Ez0lJcsTq
Aight Man
Aight Man Päivä sitten
Such an underrated FIplacer
kate carew
kate carew 5 päivää sitten
Chilena Promedio Apruebo
Chilena Promedio Apruebo 6 päivää sitten
Black cats are the absolutely best of luck and love and all. Now breaking a mirror on purpose...
Octavius Augustus
Octavius Augustus 9 päivää sitten
We need an update on this.
Janine Gagnier
Janine Gagnier 11 päivää sitten
I want Oobah to be my bestfriend 😩
Leonardo Hering Pedroso
Leonardo Hering Pedroso 11 päivää sitten
Got the Twin Peaks reference, lol
Jeff Horsager
Jeff Horsager 14 päivää sitten
Land based superstitions are stupid, but you flaunt sailing superstition at your own peril. (BTW, your boat rename was invalid, so I'm just going to go ahead and deduct that from your scorecard).
tacosyesthereawesome 16 päivää sitten
I thought banana on a boat meant you won’t catch fish not you will drown?
Pietro Tentor
Pietro Tentor 17 päivää sitten
Mitchell Gwr
Mitchell Gwr 19 päivää sitten
Nothing says dart champion like smashing a beer before your throw.
Justin A
Justin A 19 päivää sitten
Huh, that dress really does fit him well. Maybe you don't get bad luck if you look good doing it?
Samuel Putro Adi
Samuel Putro Adi 25 päivää sitten
This guy should collab with Ty Demura
The End
The End 26 päivää sitten
I'm so confused, why do people actually believe in superstition?
BLIИKS LOVE 26 päivää sitten
the one of full moon getting a haircut is false and it's the other way around it's actually good.
Max Scholl
Max Scholl Uukausi sitten
5:47 Twin Peaks: The Return reference?
Striker 198
Striker 198 Uukausi sitten
man's speedrunning bad luck
Liam Davies
Liam Davies Uukausi sitten
2 weeks later drops dead
russianvoodoo Uukausi sitten
This guy is the only thing that is good about this channel. I don't know why he doesn't start his own channel.
Alfonso Malagon
Alfonso Malagon Uukausi sitten
that shot of him breaking the mirror is magic
bangbnag m
bangbnag m Uukausi sitten
I did watch the video I jus hate this guys face
pf dshfs
pf dshfs Uukausi sitten
Satan watching this video be like: “This mad man!!”
Hahaha the end was funny how lucky xD Lucky for him actually xD
Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael Uukausi sitten
This was dumb
Ro Man
Ro Man Uukausi sitten
nice try Oobah.
MiiPreppyCrazy Uukausi sitten
Some of those so called superstitions are not literally a superstition. Like a banana on the boat Damn! If you step on it you dead if you get your head smash or luckily you will be flew out from the boat. 😂😂😂
ZurZAAANNN Uukausi sitten
"Age restricted"
Gina Rozario
Gina Rozario Uukausi sitten
Reminders set for 7yrs in advance to speak to this dude n ask him whats up 😁
Juergen Francisco
Juergen Francisco Uukausi sitten
Wait i open umbrella’s in my house all the time where’s my bad luck
Michal Kucera
Michal Kucera Uukausi sitten
Next week: "VICE star was run over by a bus"
Lavenia Hewes
Lavenia Hewes Uukausi sitten
he looked great in the dress
BLANC0420 Uukausi sitten
It's childish things like this that remind me humanity is screwed. Believing in these things is just ignorant way of thinking that comes from fear and lack of exploration of reality. Take the word luck for instance, luck doesn't exist it's a word we choose to define chance.
Jasdeep Ghotra
Jasdeep Ghotra Uukausi sitten
Why is this age-restricted though?
Tomjo5 Uukausi sitten
What a mad lad
Haidar Hisyam Rifqi Abyan Sadiid
he's looks beautiful
Speedyboba Uukausi sitten
Mío Fratello
Mío Fratello Uukausi sitten
Imagine driving through heavy traffic and see a guy in a dress, blindfolded, walking on the road.
גלעד סוירזנסקי
I would let a black cat lock my face any time. So cute
Gašper Tolar
Gašper Tolar Uukausi sitten
The cinematics on this one is just awesome
Debner Gonzalez Jr
Debner Gonzalez Jr Uukausi sitten
If you cut you hair on full moon it grows back faster and healthier
Jk Uukausi sitten
Why rho
Umay PeeNASH
Umay PeeNASH Uukausi sitten
goodluck to your future ahahaha
Mr Frog
Mr Frog Uukausi sitten
Great thing oobah
REEEPROGRAM Uukausi sitten
Sign: *DO NOT RUN* This guy: you can't stop me because i can't read!
NadinaStryhn Uukausi sitten
Ohh yes, I got that Mr. Jackpots Twin Peaks reference.
jadon wall
jadon wall Uukausi sitten
damn that clock ticking got me :(
whostolemyTV Uukausi sitten
You look like a modern Andy Warhol
whostolemyTV Uukausi sitten
Superstitions are fun to joke about but seriously? I guess the logical centers of our brains haven't sufficiently evolved yet.
Charlotte Uukausi sitten
walking into traffic with a blindfold on is irresponsible it could have caused a car crash and harmed others. risking your own life for a vice video is fine but risking others hmmm less so i'd say
Afori Waona
Afori Waona Uukausi sitten
"I'm from Africa, yeah!" LOL
Ex Ty
Ex Ty Uukausi sitten
Anybody see the apple move at 4:15
sxysteve87 Uukausi sitten
Vice really kind of sucks now doesnt it.
Team Jhammy
Team Jhammy Uukausi sitten
Yo, that mirror breaking shot is absolute 🔥🔥🔥
Neil Sangte
Neil Sangte Uukausi sitten
to all you flatearthers....oh sorry wrong video
yea yea
yea yea Uukausi sitten
You did the magpie one that's why your bad luck for cancelled
Chloe Moriondo Stan
Chloe Moriondo Stan Uukausi sitten
*The return of Oobah*
Ethan Mendez
Ethan Mendez Uukausi sitten
Us cubans are very supsersticouse people
Bradley Fitzik
Bradley Fitzik Uukausi sitten
I feel like superstition only works if you really believe it. Kind of like hoodoo (the magic side of the voodoo religion) or how placebo only works if you fully believe it 🤔
Dwa60x Otim
Dwa60x Otim Uukausi sitten
What if hes more lucky then a normal person.
JUST J Uukausi sitten
Well I’d never do this
Shamariah Uukausi sitten
How will you know if you have 7 year bad luck if you haven’t waited that long?
MzCharli J
MzCharli J Uukausi sitten
This made me laugh so hard...especially when his nose was smashed in the goggles and he looked at the camera.
Elestro Music Games Fun
"Being given a clock - You will die" - Haha, we will all die, it's just a question of when.
Da Gooner
Da Gooner Uukausi sitten
I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious
Pablo Cortes
Pablo Cortes Uukausi sitten
I can't help but imagine this guy having a ball, and everyone around him just getting the worse laugh of their lifes atm jajaja
Atul Gupta
Atul Gupta Uukausi sitten
The good luck from that magpie cancelled out all those bad lucks.
Dop eSkiis
Dop eSkiis Uukausi sitten
Ppl that believe in superstitions are the same as ppl who say thanks for the likes on a comment thread.
Going OnT
Going OnT Uukausi sitten
Didn't you hear. He got into a major car crash and died! Jk
Effohex Uukausi sitten
Damn, I’ve missed Oobah. Oobah is literally the only reason I like Vice
LoG’s Maggot
LoG’s Maggot Uukausi sitten
This guy and Taji and Hamilton makes up for 90% of why I'm still subscribed to Vice
LoG’s Maggot
LoG’s Maggot Uukausi sitten
I'm superstitious. I'm just a little stitious.
James Beatty
James Beatty Uukausi sitten
More Oobah please Vice!!
ׄ Uukausi sitten
Fun fact: the road was a paid actor
Johnny Six
Johnny Six Uukausi sitten
Saluting that magpie saved your life and you know it
FPV Panda
FPV Panda Uukausi sitten
I love how the guys smashing a pint before
FPV Panda
FPV Panda Uukausi sitten
You’re not sposed to do that
Amlo Saxon
Amlo Saxon Uukausi sitten
From the Looks of the Thumbnail I thought it was Lady Gaga posing for a new Album.
Somebadname Uukausi sitten
Oobah back at it again
m b
m b Uukausi sitten
Vice, this is garbage. Please go back to your usual.
alok srivastava
alok srivastava Uukausi sitten
Such a waste of time
clubsilencio Uukausi sitten
Why no mask??????
Icheated OnYou
Icheated OnYou Uukausi sitten
Im giving everyone clocks.
Matti Uukausi sitten
What if the bad luck comes like 10 years later?
Saidul Uukausi sitten
He looks like Elle fanning idk
Vasty Andrews
Vasty Andrews Uukausi sitten
1:59 that dress low key looks awesome like a horror movie scene almost
John Doe
John Doe Uukausi sitten
If the condom rips it's 18 years of bad luck
amosis2000 Uukausi sitten
Chadric Paz
Chadric Paz Uukausi sitten
He's micheal reeves but british
J Spence
J Spence Uukausi sitten
"Is this like an anti-estaishment thing or something?"
Delaney 12
Delaney 12 Uukausi sitten
That wasnt a casino....im glad he didn't lose his money...that he doesn't have
Designsby Shakeya
Designsby Shakeya Uukausi sitten
Under_World08 Uukausi sitten
This gives me anxiety
Muhammad Muzammil
Muhammad Muzammil Uukausi sitten
Is no one gonna talk he crossed the road blind oobah u could have died u are unbelievable and start making money
AliEvaMari Uukausi sitten
Plot twist- Oobah was later found dead, smothered by the black cat.
Frühling Isabel
Frühling Isabel Uukausi sitten
I love this guy anything he is in i watch just because its him
Eric Huang
Eric Huang Uukausi sitten
He's done it again! Another masterpiece.
A.O.D. Gaming
A.O.D. Gaming Uukausi sitten
Vice is trash
Josh Kariakin
Josh Kariakin Uukausi sitten
what if all the bad things he is causing aren't happening to him, but to someone else ?? ;)
Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav Uukausi sitten
Bad luck comes only if these things happen unplanned.
TheMaxthesis Uukausi sitten
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
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