Inside the Deadly Waco Siege Negotiations | I Was There 

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The Waco siege of 1993 started on February 28th when the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) began the stand-off with the religious sect, the Branch Davidians. The group was led by David Koresh, whose birth name is Vernon Howell. The Branch Davidians, consisting of 91 members, including 25 children, resided in a compound east of Waco, called the Mount Carmel Center.
Under the suspicion of stockpiling weapons, the ATF attempted to serve search and arrest warrants. Having been warned of the raid, the Branch Davidians were prepared. This initial gunfire battle resulted in deaths on both sides (4 ATF agents and 6 Branch Davidian members) prompting the FBI to become involved. For the following 51 days, the Branch Davidians and law enforcement were at a long and gruesome stand-off, tragically resulting in a fire that took the lives of 76 members.
In this episode of "I Was There", VICE meets with Byron Sage, a retired FBI agent, who was one of the lead negotiators during the Waco siege of 1993.
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VICE 15 päivää sitten
Watch more of the I Was There series here: fiplace.info/to/PLDbSvEZka6GEnUbRSjvVpe-5aF3T2Cb7q
N Car
N Car 6 päivää sitten
Murderous child-killer government cronie actually accuses those they burned to death of child abuse. The scumbags just couldn't leave those people alone they just had to kill them all.
Go Go
Go Go 11 päivää sitten
Vice news I don't want to be that guy but you know criminals governments and the bad people be using your guys's video to track people down but you know what it's okay cuz it makes your guys company's money reporting what's happening in the world does it make you reporters just makes you guys money greedy cuz I believe the story that you use with the people that you're trying to make a video with you don't get them credit or money so you're basically trying to steal a story from them
John Slegi
John Slegi 11 päivää sitten
0 0
0 0 12 päivää sitten
@T pinkston We've been in a constant state of war since before Vietnam. Not sure what you think you're talking about
T pinkston
T pinkston 12 päivää sitten
@Michael Moniz the elites that own the munitions companies lose too much money during peace time
koehler45 5 tuntia sitten
What a clown
Flying Gorilla
Flying Gorilla 5 tuntia sitten
Rainbow six siege map
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams 8 tuntia sitten
Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?
Op JDM 10 tuntia sitten
I seen no problem just people doin their job
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 11 tuntia sitten
Too many people in here are standing up for these cult pedophiles........disgusting
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 11 tuntia sitten
So this was QAnons before the Internet?
Rico Sutton
Rico Sutton 11 tuntia sitten
Where’s the tapes
Tracey Schroyer
Tracey Schroyer 12 tuntia sitten
Talk like tear gas has never started a fire
Diaper Sniper
Diaper Sniper 12 tuntia sitten
Biden just executive actioned one of the Waco cover up guys to be the director of the ATF. Round 2?
Choppaz Steele
Choppaz Steele 17 tuntia sitten
Sounds like a child killer who needs to get his
CrypticP 19 tuntia sitten
These guys showed up guns blazing and demanded that the branch davidians leave their home. At the end, they started demolishing the place with everyone still inside and started gassing them, and were somehow confused about why people wouldn't leave.
4K King
4K King 20 tuntia sitten
A young boy who was scraping rust off of a water tower was shot by government helicopter. His body remained up there for a long time and the government refused to let the davidians recover the body
/ / ゴッド / /
/ / ゴッド / / 22 tuntia sitten
Crazy how these “LEOs” seem to cover up for each other. Almost like it’s a cult in its own rite.
Danjuma Rotimi
Danjuma Rotimi 22 tuntia sitten
Let people be
Kari Ann Stickle
Kari Ann Stickle Päivä sitten
As someone raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church I know several people whose relatives were brainwashed by ex-Adventist David Koresh. In the Pacific Union College library are stacks and stacks of FBI document binders, court documents, and church research documents on the Branch Davidians and the Siege at Waco. I’ve read several of the binders as a final research paper project on Koresh. These people were murdered by ATF and FBI. This was blatant murder. Koresh was a horrible person, brainwasher, child abuser, monster, and nut job but the government made it worse. This was murder.
Lokki Chiam
Lokki Chiam Päivä sitten
Bend over Vice, the government’s got a story for you to tell: “These boots are going to walk all over you!”
Hxunter Päivä sitten
"god" lol
swifty unit
swifty unit Päivä sitten
people defending a man who refused to release children and continued a fire fight with the pure intentions of dying due to the charges he would face . 52 days ....52 days he had to release all the children . how was this any of the law enforcement's fault . how would they apply the charges to David if they didn't catch him in possession of the firearms ? pick him up in town and find out that no charges can be brought against him ? Because all of the brainwashed men and women would take claim to the weapons leaving him to run free and start another shindig . you people disgust me these parents willingly gave up their children to a pedophile ! willingly gave their wife to a man who claimed to be a prophet of god . camera shows a crate of hand grenades owned by a psychotic cultist : FIplace commenters "oh yes I believe the feds should not have done this , I also believe there is no need for concern" . camera shows .50 cal rifle : FIplace commenters : "i believe that a vast majority of men and women who have worked hard in college and have families that are now federal agents , now want to be shot at by a .50 cal with body armor that can only stop half that caliber depending on range " . if the cultists weren't up to bad things they never would have fought to the death to defend the bad things .
logan Owens
logan Owens Päivä sitten
The things i really want say...
ecsocet Päivä sitten
ATF: *Sets the Branch Davidian compound on fire* ATF: "Why would the Branch Davidians do this?"
Dean Robinson
Dean Robinson Päivä sitten
Was hoping to get a interview with someone else. Most docs have interviewed law enforcement. Sad vice did not go the different route.
Im old greg
Im old greg Päivä sitten
No shots were fired by any of the agencies thats BULL#*%@
John Bedwell
John Bedwell Päivä sitten
David Chipman was there, wasn't he?
Emily David
Emily David Päivä sitten
History is written by the victors
87654ba Päivä sitten
Karesh was still a narcissistic psychopath who caused the deaths of all these people. FBI errors don’t absolve him of his part in this tragedy.
kungfumind Päivä sitten
This man has drank the koolaid
MacDonald 2 päivää sitten
Friendly reminder: Biden wants to appoint the guy that BURNED CHILDREN ALIVE AT WACO as head of the ATF, which he calls the AFT because he lives on another fucking planet.
Denis E
Denis E 2 päivää sitten
The feds killed children and women in attempt to take some guns. Disgusting!!!
Brian Giraldo
Brian Giraldo 2 päivää sitten
Keep your rifle by your side
Bonanza Driver
Bonanza Driver 2 päivää sitten
17:21..................as we just watched 5:13.
les dor
les dor 2 päivää sitten
they saw Vernon Howell the day before in a store and didn't arrest him the state senate trial /watch?v=aW82k_9mba4&list=PLzcCCTdRtc6XFE2fbyRnLkmv59gti_TOV&index=25 the whole trial without a spin you decide
tizben 2 päivää sitten
So it was the people's fault that they didn't come out of a burning building that the government/atf set on fire? Explain to me that logic, no matter what type of person is inside that building.... Otherwise why not set prisons on fire? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Wtf
Not Sure
Not Sure 2 päivää sitten
hard to hear from the other side if you kill them all
Luke Middaugh
Luke Middaugh 2 päivää sitten
Ever think about how flammable tear gas, which is banned by the Geneva convention, is?
Mammon 3 päivää sitten
It's really wild that almost 30 years later, the government is still trying to cover up all the things they did wrong.
DaveA441 3 päivää sitten
At the end of the day is was one guys fault lol. Not anyone else’s or the governments. One person started all these events.
Ryan Himself
Ryan Himself 3 päivää sitten
Nothing says speaking truth to power like having A FUCKING COP come on and lie for 20 minutes.
Mr Todd
Mr Todd 4 päivää sitten
So the FBI really did start the fire huh?
Rockytop VFL
Rockytop VFL 4 päivää sitten
WTF!? It's funny how these leftist are supposedly "liberal" but yet they defend this massacre
J L 4 päivää sitten
Government agencies only care about their income despite race. Only as long as you don't challenge them you "might" possibly live a full life.
Eddie Dunne
Eddie Dunne 4 päivää sitten
This dude sold his soul to the devil and I’m taking about the FBI agent
Moldygreenbean 4 päivää sitten
Everyone defending these people, I just ask one question - if he wasn’t a child predator and a super nice guy, why didn’t he release all the children?
Teknikal Suhport
Teknikal Suhport 2 päivää sitten
But the ATF is even worse, because they burned the children.
tw t
tw t 2 päivää sitten
He (Koresh) was a monster.
Habeas J
Habeas J 4 päivää sitten
Remember Ruby Ridge Remember Waco
Connor Flanagan
Connor Flanagan 4 päivää sitten
hey vice, how much did the atf pay you to do this lil piece of propaganda? or was this uploaded on april fools day as a joke?
armadillo burns
armadillo burns 4 päivää sitten
I find this similar to the cult in Jonestown.
John Donwood
John Donwood 4 päivää sitten
No, Jonestown was an MKULTRA related operation.
XIPHIAS CDXX 4 päivää sitten
Wounded Knee was less than 100 years before this. Government goes in to disarm a group of people and... *_"By the time the massacre was over more than 250 men, women and children of the Lakota had been killed and 51 were wounded (4 men and 47 women and children, some of whom died later); some estimates placed the number of dead as high as 300."_*
Nic Carter
Nic Carter 4 päivää sitten
Lol youtube don’t show the amount of dislikes anymore
Dustin 5 päivää sitten
Is it a coincidence Vicw releases this a week ago, right around the time David Chipman gets appointed the head of the ATF? Will History repeat itself?
Alvin B.
Alvin B. 2 päivää sitten
No he was nominated to lead the AFT lol
CallMeQuinnie 5 päivää sitten
This man's cognitive dissonance regarding this situation is absurd. He says seek out the truth, yet believes the "truth" he was spoon fed by the agencies involved and just sticks to that story because it allows him to feel better about the actions taken (including his own responsibility in the situation), rather than try and objectively approach the whole tragedy with any kind of point of view that relates to the those that died that day... RIP to all who lost their lives. Such a shame to have so much unnecessary bloodshed. Carry peace and love in your hearts everyone.
Leslie love
Leslie love 5 päivää sitten
Awe look at that ...Biden just hired the psycho anti second amendment who was responsible for the Waco murders and here you go trying to give him credibility ...FOH!!!
Gray Jedi
Gray Jedi 5 päivää sitten
"They chose to die in that house." Translation: "They happened to live in the house we torched."
Andrew 7 tuntia sitten
You might have missed the part where they poured gasoline, refused to exit despite 51 days of begging them, and lit themselves on fire.
Glossy Gloss
Glossy Gloss 23 tuntia sitten
You mean cult members set fire to the compound.
Gray Jedi
Gray Jedi 5 päivää sitten
And now a waco guy will run ATF under Biden. "America is back"
Fox Box
Fox Box 5 päivää sitten
Nice April fool's joke, CIA.
Jeremy Kaleschenkoikov
Jeremy Kaleschenkoikov 5 päivää sitten
Why do tyrants always play the victim?
Kaliq al rasheed
Kaliq al rasheed 5 päivää sitten
The guy on 03:04 just got a headshot
Teknikal Suhport
Teknikal Suhport 2 päivää sitten
Yeah what an L, hahaha RIP BOZO 👎
J K 5 päivää sitten
Law enforcement gas the children and then burn them alive
J K 5 päivää sitten
This guy's a liar the law enforcement started the fire
Paul Mccarter
Paul Mccarter 5 päivää sitten
Shouldnt subtitles be optional? Distracting
Z L 5 päivää sitten
Child killers!
Jack F
Jack F 5 päivää sitten
"force the systemic exit of David and the branch davidians" by burning down a building with men, women, and children in it
Jack F
Jack F 5 päivää sitten
God I hope this cop watches this video and reads the comments and sees everyone hates him and all the other feds behind this
Jack F
Jack F 5 päivää sitten
don't really care what FBI has to say about it. Let people mind their business if you dont wanna end up with a handful of dead federal agents. fuckem
Blackened 5 päivää sitten
Then what do you know, David Chipman who was in operation of Waco to release the horror they did these poor people as well as their children. Gets nominated as Head Operations of ATF. Fucking pigs.
J. FK 5 päivää sitten
I want to tell the guy trying to sell soap that he is not a dish either
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday 5 päivää sitten
Crooked pigs
Jack Fulford
Jack Fulford 6 päivää sitten
This guy is fucking losing that gas is combustible its been used elsewhere and almost every time it catches fire! Cops FBI atf all fn losing kids killers, hope none of you can sleep at night
Zac Cordoza
Zac Cordoza 6 päivää sitten
I don't trust a word he said
Deacon Brodie
Deacon Brodie 6 päivää sitten
Well..here's the cops point of view and I'm sure he believes every word from his cop perspective. What really happened? Survivors that aren't law enforcement have a different take.
John Donwood
John Donwood 6 päivää sitten
Apparently Koresh and the Branch Davidians were rescuing children from a slavery ring through an underground system. Bono gave Reno a good talking to and then he died.
Adølf Hønkler
Adølf Hønkler 6 päivää sitten
Bidens head of ATF
Jax 6 päivää sitten
This was on the tails of ruby ridge where they effed up royally. They didnt shoot because their rep couldn't take another hit like ruby ridge
Mr T
Mr T 6 päivää sitten
Most horrific crime scene perpetrated by the government
For Animals or Military Consumption
I don't believe anything coming out of that mouth
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 6 päivää sitten
Queen Dany Targaryen
Queen Dany Targaryen 6 päivää sitten
you did your best
Trav Rice
Trav Rice 6 päivää sitten
Now matter how you look at it the fbi atf were wrong in burning them out
Yungbeck 6 päivää sitten
Very sadly edited. Too bad we know what really happened out there.
Anthony F Gaming and Ranting
Anthony F Gaming and Ranting 7 päivää sitten
Religion is a lie.
Barnibus Snaples
Barnibus Snaples 7 päivää sitten
This comment section supports child rapists more than cops. That’s interesting. Wonder what y’all search history looks like
Chris Fokjohn
Chris Fokjohn 7 päivää sitten
What a load of bullshit from the government
David Oberle
David Oberle 7 päivää sitten
Yo that armored car didn't look that fucked up. I only saw one bullet hole.
silvestre gomez
silvestre gomez 7 päivää sitten
Brandon M.
Brandon M. 7 päivää sitten
The ATF and FBI shot first, they did shoot through the roof, they destroyed evidence and knowingly set the compound on fire. Lon Horiuchi was an ATF sniper on both Waco and Ruby Ridge. He's the one who murdered Vicky Weaver. He immediately rebarrel his rifle following the fiasco so that the ballistics couldn't match his shots to avoid jailtime.
Badass Beaver
Badass Beaver 7 päivää sitten
And many years later there are still many active Evangelical Christian fundamentalist cults in the USA and it has gotten worse.
Dynamic One
Dynamic One 7 päivää sitten
Great video!
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 7 päivää sitten
Fun fact this is a rainbow six siege map called Oregon.
Sausage Jockey
Sausage Jockey 7 päivää sitten
Despite what ANY of you believe or 'think' you know, this guy is genuine asf. You can't act the emotions he is expressing. Yeah you can cry and try to deceive, but this man carries that day with him EVERY DAY. You can see it in his eyes and the grey hair. Just want to say if you read this I send peace and love to you and your family and this little message of hope finds you well x Stay blessed. Peace and love ❤️
Anna Barr
Anna Barr 7 päivää sitten
I was a kid when this happened and it was all over the news, I asked my dad what happened and he said "they didn't pay their taxes" , scared me for life.
Dom Osman
Dom Osman Päivä sitten
He probably didn’t want to tell you what happened it would’ve scared you the. Probably
TheOffRoadBagel Altosax
uncle sam doesn't play when it comes to his yearly check
Sky Way
Sky Way 6 päivää sitten
Not gonna lie I would be scared too 🤭
R. O.
R. O. 7 päivää sitten
Everything the ATF does is an overzealous action. The ATF should never have been a thing in the first place. Pure unadulterated government overreach.
Dalia Jaimes
Dalia Jaimes 7 päivää sitten
I had never heard of this until now. If people want to facilitate change, they need to talk about things like this as well
Quinn Davis
Quinn Davis 7 päivää sitten
Ahhh it all makes sense, vice had to try to give some credibility to the government for this incident do it could back an anti gun atf director
Gabriel 7 päivää sitten
Another pathetic attempt at justifying the slaughter of innocent lives.
findabird74 8 päivää sitten
"Yeah, I care about kids" *Casually throws tear gas at them*
Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds
Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds 6 tuntia sitten
@Andrew I would’ve followed protocol and not used a front facing raid in the exact manner my crazy father predicted and when Rodrigues revealed the element of surprise was lost, I wouldn’t have risked my siblings lives by engaging them with a full frontal assault wiht a bunch of fearful and doomed to become resentful hairy trigger agents.
Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds
Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds 6 tuntia sitten
@Christian Castro go to hell
Andrew 7 tuntia sitten
Don’t think it might have been a little worse to keep your kids in that situation? / how would you deal with it if you’re so morally sound.
Christian Castro
Christian Castro 20 tuntia sitten
@Tactical_Momiji you're the kind of person that I'm glad doesn't lead negotiations like this, wake up this is the real world YOU can't save everyone. if you were their you couldn't have done anything better. but go off criticizing the people who were qualified tried and failed because life isn't a movie.
Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds
Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds 21 tunti sitten
@SalilingAway yes, undermine and arrest my father instead of using a front facing assault that only strengthens the resolve of those who saw it as a sign of his clairvoyance and legitimacy. Further, they intended to cover up all their mistakes and the huge firebreak is obvious proof. My fathers psychology was not difficult to understand but the atf eventually realized their poor informants and evidence was lacking and so endless distractions and disinformation make you fools think there is some necessary dichotomy. If the atf wasn’t wrong, why did they pay Rodrigues so much money in response to their admission of not following protocol? They didn’t give a c rraappp about my siblings. A joke
Kracker 8 päivää sitten
They murdered them.
Efrain Hernandez
Efrain Hernandez 8 päivää sitten
Listening to this guy the whole time 🧢 🧢 🧢 🧢 🧢 🧢
Archie Harris
Archie Harris 8 päivää sitten
Notice how you never hear of cults like this in other countries
Altar Native
Altar Native 8 päivää sitten
This poor dead horse just wont stop getting beaten.
Orange 8 päivää sitten
Why’s everyone in the comments going with what literal cult members are saying
JNC388 6 päivää sitten
Many people believe that being a cult doesn't justify police to burn them and their kids to death.
Orange 8 päivää sitten
Isn’t this a siege map lmao.
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