My Wife Hired a Hitman So I Faked My Death | Fakes, Frauds & Scammers 

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Jamila Ghazi
Jamila Ghazi 2 minuuttia sitten
sorry for for what happened but can't wait the netflix docuseries
NEVER FAKE 4 minuuttia sitten
BLUE 41 minuutti sitten
What happened to her kids?
Witnessed It
Witnessed It 51 minuutti sitten
Women empowerment.
Khanh Nguyen
Khanh Nguyen 52 minuuttia sitten
how is she beautiful? lmao
Always go [WOKE]
Always go [WOKE] 56 minuuttia sitten
Bro is a lame and got Played lol i don't feel sorry.
Donn Jeferson Atienza
Donn Jeferson Atienza 58 minuuttia sitten
she does not only belong to the streets, she belongs to a superhighway
Marissa Newman
Marissa Newman 59 minuuttia sitten
I remember watching this story years ago
Darsh Tunti sitten
More mexican women coming to a city near you.
Tae Jeon
Tae Jeon Tunti sitten
She lowkey looks like halsey lol
Always go [WOKE]
Always go [WOKE] Tunti sitten
OJ was right.
Narayan Bahuguna
Narayan Bahuguna Tunti sitten
Stay woke brothers
RED PILL GOD Tunti sitten
LOL simp that's what happens when you date a money hungry single mom. 😂
Dennis Constantinos
Dennis Constantinos 2 tuntia sitten
never ever be nice and help a woman with couple of kids, divorced and claimed to be in an abusive relationship. I once helped such person out and it bit me in the ass Also, only 20 years in prison?
G E E 2 tuntia sitten
Lulu was a nickname for a young Hispanic man In a movie that portrayed himself as a dealer within a African American community in New York. That's strange.
JP Prophete
JP Prophete 2 tuntia sitten
Man this is crazy.
nigga please
nigga please 2 tuntia sitten
Damn this guys son told this story on all def digital this is crazy man 🤣🤣
Erik Gutierrez
Erik Gutierrez 2 tuntia sitten
I’m not saying it’s right but now we know why she comes from an abusive relationship
Random Videos
Random Videos 2 tuntia sitten
I really wanted to see her face when she knew that he's still kicking
diypictures 2 tuntia sitten
"In hindsight the red flags were there...." Fellas listen, its okay to smash and pass. Ignoring red flags can literally be a life or death situation.
Subvij07 2 tuntia sitten
Ramon owes his life to Mundo and the officers.
kevaughn lindo
kevaughn lindo 2 tuntia sitten
Marriage?........focus on youself king👌
Inner Peace
Inner Peace 3 tuntia sitten
Plans to kill someone. Gets 20 years in prison.
4Tifier 3 tuntia sitten
To anyone out there wondering if this will ever happen to them, remember that the news the vast majority of the time reports incidents that very rarely happen because they catch people's attention. As long as you're careful and play your cards right (or are just never stinkin' rich), this will never happen to you.
Adrian 3 tuntia sitten
Women are financially incentivised to leave you. It’s the way the system works. Be careful out there fellas, protect your assets first.
Dez Nutz
Dez Nutz 3 tuntia sitten
You married a devorced girl with 2 kids that's not even a american in less than a year without knowing anything about her except she looked good and can dance... You sir deserve this. Simps get what they ask for.
LandofLions Abyssinia
LandofLions Abyssinia 3 tuntia sitten
when he went into the backstory, he lost me at "mother of 2 and divorced"
Stefan Murray
Stefan Murray 3 tuntia sitten
I wonder what Kevin Samuels thinks of this story
just Monish
just Monish 3 tuntia sitten
Wow I got goosebumps can't believe it was real
Uce Wavy
Uce Wavy 3 tuntia sitten
You can’t ever trust a pretty face
Fatima Diaby
Fatima Diaby 3 tuntia sitten
May God bless you Mundo. You a real one. May God bless us all (with loyal people like Mundo)
Angie Coers
Angie Coers 3 tuntia sitten
He can't handle that he ain't all that. He's older than her, she's looking for younger and more money.
biggvern 3 tuntia sitten
Foul Lil chick
Joey Rice Fried
Joey Rice Fried 3 tuntia sitten
Mom, why couldn’t you have said something before the Wedding?
Jaliyah Postell
Jaliyah Postell 3 tuntia sitten
Life lessons with Luis they did a story based of this
Black Beard Gamer
Black Beard Gamer 3 tuntia sitten
Mundo is a freaking hero. Dude literally saved the guys life. Beers for life for Mundo!
Angie Coers
Angie Coers 4 tuntia sitten
I think he got a beutiful trophy wife, unfortunately, she was done with him.
Greek and English ASMR
Greek and English ASMR 4 tuntia sitten
My dog fakes death 10 times a day.
teddy gumban
teddy gumban 4 tuntia sitten
Vish 4 tuntia sitten
So I kept thinking that Mundo would appear at some point of time. May b in season 2.
M P 4 tuntia sitten
We all need a person like Mundo in our life
Helene Thompson
Helene Thompson 4 tuntia sitten
Mr Sosa you had God on your side when Mundo overheard the conversation and told you about her evil plan. Because you mentored Mundo and did good good came back at you. But this must have been so traumatic. I have been through a similar situation the goal was not murder but assault and they lied on the stand charges dismissed. It could have been worse they threatened to frame me for assault if I ever call the police. If I recall your wife also tried to frame you for assault to get her divorce. unlike you I struggle to forgive my abusers. I admire your courage to speak up for you and for other victims. I am glad that a good hearted man like you survived this evil plot. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I have PTSD since that assault and trust issues. Therapy is helping but I still can't watch diary of a mad black woman cause this is how it happened.. I am sure that you have the same issues. This makes me want to read your book.
Jack Salonsky
Jack Salonsky 4 tuntia sitten
Poor guy. That has to be devastating He even took on her kids!!!
Face Man
Face Man 4 tuntia sitten
Scandalous, he’s a great man
JVRaines 4 tuntia sitten
Ramon better hide in 2036, because you know Lulu is going to come after him.
Chuck Mish
Chuck Mish 4 tuntia sitten
“She used my watches and jewellery as down payment on my own death” these bitches are crazy bruh
rai balladares
rai balladares 4 tuntia sitten
Mundo you the real MVP
Squirk Blue
Squirk Blue 5 tuntia sitten
i know her she wanna be a manipulator
Squirk Blue
Squirk Blue 5 tuntia sitten
i know her she wanna be a manipulator
Squirk Blue
Squirk Blue 5 tuntia sitten
i know her she wanna be a manipulator
Eglantine Papeau
Eglantine Papeau 5 tuntia sitten
i'm surprised VICE is even siding with the man .
Frank Maiyāzu
Frank Maiyāzu 5 tuntia sitten
Marriage aint worth it folks
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 5 tuntia sitten
I assume when she gets out of prison she will be denaturalized and deported
Jackson 5 tuntia sitten
To think they are a lot of suckers in the world would just refuse to believe the sad truth even if it hit them right in their face because blind love gets to the most innocent people. Yes I said people, cause even some women out there are living the same script with their abusive partner. Everybody should be aware of the red flags that present themselves for their own life sake
King of Lust
King of Lust 5 tuntia sitten
If this was on 90 Day Fiancé, she would've gotten more than just a prison sentence.
Ash Rhae2
Ash Rhae2 5 tuntia sitten
Ric Shaymin
Ric Shaymin 5 tuntia sitten
She shouldn't have taken Tele-mundo so literally
DarK SouL
DarK SouL 5 tuntia sitten
How Netflix will make this as a Web-series. Sosa will be portrayed as dumb simp husband, who obeys every command from her Wife. Mundo Will be the villain. (Also any other Men that fits), he wants to love Sosa's wife. A Rainbow hair colored investigator (women) will be main character. She will find the mysteries.. And some how the Killer wife will be the victim here, she had tough days in her younger days blah blah (insert plot). She also have affairs with Mundo. But she will gonna say Mundo tricked her to do this. And at the climax, The Wife will turn against Mundo... Mundo will have to go jail. She says sorry to Sosa. And all crime is forgiven... Happy Ending. I bet this may already happening
4u25out 5 tuntia sitten
Can’t trust no one,not even your own wife….what is scary thought.
Jason 5 tuntia sitten
Can't trust ANYONE!!!
Edwina Yealu
Edwina Yealu 5 tuntia sitten
it crazy what ppl do fa money!!!
Saulo Scolastrici
Saulo Scolastrici 5 tuntia sitten
She was a mother of two. Damn, I don’t even need to watch the entire video to see you got fucked up lol
Tech kaif
Tech kaif 5 tuntia sitten
"These bitches love sosa"
mr Cruz
mr Cruz 6 tuntia sitten
Lol he picked up HEAVY package
GRUMPY FATCAT 6 tuntia sitten
The translations way off, from the get go u can tell he wasn’t serious hit man. Mexican real hit man have certain terms n how they talk they always rancheros
Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon 6 tuntia sitten
Ramon, that's what you get for thinking a woman that looks like that would be attracted to you.
Hide Seek
Hide Seek 6 tuntia sitten
Used em, to become an American...with a mother's WARNING!...
no no
no no 6 tuntia sitten
Woman moment.
Balaram Chakrabarty
Balaram Chakrabarty 6 tuntia sitten
how did she get citizenship in 3 years, and i've been in the US for a literal decade without citizenship.
flopper42O 6 tuntia sitten
I dunno
I Intend To Boil Your Teeth
Mundo means World in my language and that man sure damn well deserves the world.
Phoenix Ashe
Phoenix Ashe 7 tuntia sitten
Her eyes are empty . Pay attention folks. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Veto Depot
Veto Depot 7 tuntia sitten
They do everything but leave
Rivers 7 tuntia sitten
Good job Ramon!!
Gaibriel Simpson
Gaibriel Simpson 7 tuntia sitten
Your first mistake is dating a single mother
Priscilla C
Priscilla C 7 tuntia sitten
I’m starting to think love doesn’t exist y’all
Edward Chen
Edward Chen 4 tuntia sitten
Watch some Disney film. It shall help detoxification
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud 7 tuntia sitten
It does just hard to find
Afro traveller
Afro traveller 7 tuntia sitten
The 1st person you can trust is You. The second is Mundo. Nobody else.
developer developer
developer developer 7 tuntia sitten
Single mother.
fitforfreelance 8 tuntia sitten
How many scams? This is like a quadruple cross Mundo Ramón faking his death Undercover cops Fake investigators at the end 20 years is not long enough. I think this lady would love to commission his death from behind bars, or do something after she gets out
Regis Maltais
Regis Maltais 8 tuntia sitten
One Word Revenge
Madar Tu
Madar Tu 8 tuntia sitten
His first statement is "She dance very well" - Second sentence is "She step on my toe and it was very painful" So either you dont know to dance or she dont
levelle lindsey
levelle lindsey 8 tuntia sitten
There was a guy that almost died and MGTOW was his name "O"
AlphaGod Von
AlphaGod Von 8 tuntia sitten
When the mother whispered that in your ear. “now this is your trouble” you should of ran lol
JESUS ARELLANO 8 tuntia sitten
La Toxica
Jodian Graham
Jodian Graham 8 tuntia sitten
The best thing he did was to go bald. That hairstyle back then wasn't cutting it.
Amal 8 tuntia sitten
Who gives single moms a chance?
JohnNy L
JohnNy L 8 tuntia sitten
It is sad that such eomen exists in today's World!!
danimal4you 8 tuntia sitten
And to think, if we had only gone with our masculine logic instead of our feminine emotions this past presidential election, and stuck it out four more years to get the wall finished, we could've decreased the future probability of situations like this from happening. God Bless the future of the USA.
Ari The Barbarian
Ari The Barbarian 8 tuntia sitten
Did his eyebrows get shot off??
mark baker
mark baker 9 tuntia sitten
Get a divorce , stop talking bullshit man . Why should I hear the whole story . Visa ? First stop getting women from other countries ? Lulu .. hitman .. authority finds out .
Jay Gray
Jay Gray 9 tuntia sitten
mark baker
mark baker 9 tuntia sitten
I love it Vice , plus Vice news , It's run by a Pakistani . I am not a Pakistani , I m proud of you bro !
Scruffy O
Scruffy O 9 tuntia sitten
Is he Indian?
Aa Aa
Aa Aa 8 tuntia sitten
They look latina
Another Motorist
Another Motorist 9 tuntia sitten
Any update on Mundo, does he get free training? Dude did Ramon righteous
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