The Double Standards of Cosplay | Been Here 

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Black musical artists, cosplayers, and designers sat down with Caity (@morbidtheclown) to reflect on their experiences in the Anime, Cosplay & Nerd scene.
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Shibal Seki
Shibal Seki Tunti sitten
Why do anime creators have to include black characters in their story? So should black panther be an asian guy? Cultural appropriation and inclusion is fucking stupid. If there is a black artist that wants to create anime, there is no one stopping them.
tavon joseph
tavon joseph 2 tuntia sitten
Man this is cringe
J 10 tuntia sitten
Chick in the alien sex fiend shirt you are awesome
Laurence Ellis
Laurence Ellis 19 tuntia sitten
Simple: People can cosplay as any character they desire. People have immutable characteristics which either cannot be changed or take tedious efforts to change. As such, people should forgive a cosplayer for something they cannot change.
Zachery Oladunni
Zachery Oladunni 21 tunti sitten
Do they not know avatar the last airbender is not anime Also I’m black and my mom is American and my dad is Nigerian and they grew up on anime and my dad said everyone loved dragon ball and Naruto. I don’t know what Narrative vice is trying to push just for views but this whole vid is dumb
AmySavage6 Päivä sitten
What's this? How come black people shoudn't do cosplay? Maybe one of the stupidest claims in the whole stupid bunch...
LinksRoyal Päivä sitten
if i can sit down with a person of another race and share our love for anime. whats wrong with that? Shout out to all the Anime bros/Sis out there. stay safe and stay awesome people! Love from asia!
tigrey tigrey
tigrey tigrey Päivä sitten
This is how useless and purposeless this generation is lol... this generations journalist cover kids crying and whining about cartoon character representation. 🙄.
Kitkat5335 2 päivää sitten
I usually complain when the over all esthetic doesn't feel right. By that I mean when it doesn't seem to flow together as a whole. Seen some awesome cosplayers regardless of skin color, but have seen some that don't seem to fit the theme, or mismatched the materials they use.
Kitkat5335 Päivä sitten
Just to clarify, theme is not skin color. Theme is tied to the style, personality, and universe of the character.
Lena Jones
Lena Jones 2 päivää sitten
I'm obvs so naive... I assumed cosplay WAS the safe space... Period, for everyone! I can't stand racism... These ladies look beautiful and I agree I think it looks cooler too!
Taylor Mack
Taylor Mack 2 päivää sitten
Typical westerners going to someone else’s culture complaining about not enough representation rather then just doing it themselves.
Ingrid P
Ingrid P 3 päivää sitten
Sooooo many missed opportunities of outrageously gorgeous cosplay among the black community because of prejudice in the earlier days. I'm just happy that there are so many more of them now, and they have much more support nowadays. I LOVE cosplay that reinterprets a character.
Sakhile 3 päivää sitten
black women in South Africa will never be into this at all.
Silas Thornblood
Silas Thornblood 3 päivää sitten
I've seen people throw racist comments out there towards black cosplayers. It's disgusting. Bunch of neckbeards trying to preserve their incel beotherhood, gatekeeping left and right.
telgou delou
telgou delou 4 päivää sitten
AYO, Anime is racist
IrishCat04 4 päivää sitten
no joke, everyone I saw in this video has bomb cosplaying skills wow! You are all cool, you are all valid and giiiiiiiirl the chick dressed as Lamu, sis you are blessed I need her @ to shower her in love
GhostDogg1169 4 päivää sitten
There is now an Anime featuring a Black Main Chara!!!! Support Yasuke: Black Samurai, coming to NetFlix!!! Based on a True Story!!! Read The Book!!!
michael river
michael river 4 päivää sitten
Bruh all my african american homies and african UK homies are all anime homies we can all kick back and enjoy watching anime too me I doesnt matter you skin color whatever there's black anime characters and if you wanna cosplay a black version of a white character I say hell yeah shits legit and always is welcome in my anime world weebs a weeb do what you love dispit what people think or say do you
Manuel de Jesus Silerio Chavez
Zax 5 päivää sitten
My opinion is that there are no "double standards". What we have is "some people are idiots". Everyone should be free to cosplay anything they want to. People variety is like the seasons - there is always some snowflakes in the winter.
Jamie Twombly
Jamie Twombly 5 päivää sitten
Honestly the first time I saw native American representation in an anime was last summer with the stream punk racing one. (I don't remember the name) n I was extatic. It wasn't nearly close x.x but the recognition of my culture was such a huge thing for me
Chilena Promedio Apruebo
Chilena Promedio Apruebo 6 päivää sitten
Go cosplay whatever you want. If you like the character, have fun! But if your costume and overall make-up, accessories, props, etc are not very good and/or if you don't really look like the character you are cosplaying, don't expect people to praise you. After all, you're doing this because it's fun, right?
Thejericko17 6 päivää sitten
I cannot believe that this is an actual issue but I KNOW that it is. I wish a b*tch would feel sometype of way about me cosplaying a character for the crime of being black. How ridiculous do you have to be to feel sometype of way about people appreciating another culture ESPECIALLY if you're also not a part of that culture. Find a life.
Teku Anon
Teku Anon 8 päivää sitten
My easy view of cosplayers is: If they look like the character, that’s cosplay. Skin tone doesn’t matter, hair doesn’t matter.
John Lambert
John Lambert 10 päivää sitten
This is not a race thing dudes. First off, screw VICE and their constant stoking of this agenda crap. Second, jerks who are OCD about likeness to a character are just that, jerks. This happens to literally every race, even white people cosplaying as a black character. Fat people cosplaying as skinny ones and vice versa. If you don't look exactly like the character, they're going to say something and you should just ignore it. But hey, if it gets VICE clicks they don't care about how inaccurate the portray the situation. I landed in a situation like this myself which I am white and almost got jumped for cosplaying as Ogun which pissed a group of dudes for "whitewashing" a black character but I've gone to conventions since 2015 and never have I seen this happen to black people.
witch, please
witch, please 10 päivää sitten
Black women face so much hate for participating in anything, even when we break from the stereotypes we are attacked. Cosplay is for everybody and anybody EXCEPT racists.
Walando Wolf Gang
Walando Wolf Gang 9 päivää sitten
Boohoo you guys whine about everything culture vultures
Snkrs Latino
Snkrs Latino 11 päivää sitten
This so dumb " everything is black or its rasict stfu"
Emerick Deneb
Emerick Deneb 12 päivää sitten
If Japan comes up with black anime character they gon freak out cuz everyone will do black face and ONLY in US painting your face brown is a problem and thays why you POC will never have a black main character lol
panzr110 12 päivää sitten
Very cool stuff.
KingDevin 13 päivää sitten
Anime mad Japan
Stephen Fulmer
Stephen Fulmer 13 päivää sitten
I didn’t even know this was such a problem tbh
maruf hossain
maruf hossain 13 päivää sitten
I like cosplay because it's cosplay, it's a form of art. Being black, white or Asian doesn't matter. If any body criticise "the mother of assholes is always in pregnant" 🤣hope you understand.
Timmy Smith
Timmy Smith 14 päivää sitten
Lol this doesn't happen
Ben Madrid
Ben Madrid 14 päivää sitten
There is more outrage against "whitewashing" than "blackwashing".
FEARSONA 14 päivää sitten
Damn they all look amazing! Cosplay is for everyone, and it's also good to show your own spin/interpretation of a given character. If a black person wants to do their spin on a white/light skin character, go for it! If a white person wants to do their own interpretation of a black character, go for it, same for asian cosplayers cosplaying non-asian characters in their own way. Damn, when did ppl become so vile that ruining someone's fun time is a thing? Again, you do you, as long as it's not the messed up black face/white face sorta cosplay... it's all good, do your interpretation of your fav character and have fun!
Kil Tr4p
Kil Tr4p 14 päivää sitten
No one ever had a problem with black cosplayers. The only double standard is from you and this video makes a bold statement about the most welcoming communities ever
Poke Man
Poke Man 14 päivää sitten
some people I swear why is Crossplay cool but not having same skin color should be forbidding it makes no Sense. You do you and everyone else can just F-off.
Stephendw 14 päivää sitten
I say do what you do. If you love cosplay, cosplay! Not being the same race, ethnicity or gender should never discourage one from expressing their love for these franchises and communities. In fact, love seeing these different takes on characters, it's always a treat to see a character I've grown up watching or reading presented in a new and stylish way that shows celebrates the source material while making the style their own.
J33vs 14 päivää sitten
Honestly this is bullshit, black people arent the only race that are ostracized.
Alex Yun
Alex Yun 14 päivää sitten
0:17 Like, is that woman implying that white people are oppressed because she’s a weeb? What about Asians being killed and assaulted in America juet because they happened to be Asisn?
varun009 14 päivää sitten
1. Most cosplayers look nothing like the person they're trying to look like. Have you not seen anime characters? Now, have you seen anime convention attendees? Cos play is about having fun dressing up as something you enjoy. 2. There is truth to the fact that Japanese anime depict a lot of white people. It simply isn't true that they're supposed to be Japanese in the shows. There are no blonde haired, blue eyes Japanese people. And even when the character is Japanese, a white person is almost always gonna pull the look off more naturally than a black/brown person just because Japanese (East Asian) and white people have more similar skin tones. That doesn't take away from the fun of it. 3. Of all anime fans, black ones have, in my experience, been the more "normal" ones. Anime is highly frowned upon in white American and Asian American society, so you oftwj end up with awkward dorks who "Naruto run" unironically. If the presence of more rooted fans does something to address that problem just by injecting some social normalcy, have at it. I dress up as itachi Uchiha at some anime cons and I'm brown af. It's not about you, I'm doing this for me.
Timothy Sanders
Timothy Sanders 14 päivää sitten
beautiful women!
Queen Itami's Drama
Queen Itami's Drama 14 päivää sitten
Woahz completely didn't see black cosplayers painting white for eg Raven cosplay, noooo at alllll. Just get yourself together, color of skin IS a part of the character. You don't want to paint yourself? Ok then it's racebend, nothing wrong about it but start to see the truth. Cosplay makeup is always cosplay makeup, there is no racism when you literally pay respect to character you love by trying to be them.
Queen Itami's Drama
Queen Itami's Drama 14 päivää sitten
But when white person cosplay dark skinned character y'all like "WHITEWASHING!!" or "blackface!!" Bruh xD
Always Pure
Always Pure 15 päivää sitten
I really hate this black racist narrative bullshit.. do what ever you want! If you post it online you just opened a can of people giving you there opinion if you can't deal with it don't post it online. Just do you and live your life.
307Cavalier 15 päivää sitten
lostinalone 15 päivää sitten
No one cares about your race just if you did a good job at the cosplay smh
Marky 360
Marky 360 15 päivää sitten
I find this video interesting because as a black man who's into anime myself growing up most of the hate I received was from other black people calling me a fucking weeb or saying that I wanted to be white or Asian because I watched anime. I don't think there was ever a moment where I experienced racism from a white person because of my interest in anime altho this could be due largely in part to the fact that I didn't grow around a lot of white people but there were still a good few but it was still only really other black ppl who harshed on me for watching anime. I will say tho I've never cosplayed as an anime character in my life so I don't know what that experience would be like at all.
Marky 360
Marky 360 9 päivää sitten
@Walando Wolf Gang I never want to dismiss anyone else's experiences but yea this is just how things were for me growing up. Altho now a days it seems like everybody I meet is into anime on some level so that is cool.
Walando Wolf Gang
Walando Wolf Gang 9 päivää sitten
Finally someone with a good mental brain all this idiotic comments piss me off I was judge by other latinos because of my love for anime It's always our people being hypocrites
Daniel Malinen
Daniel Malinen 15 päivää sitten
Based on the skin color, no one should be forbidden to dress as a white character cosplay because this kind forbidding is wrong and inhumane. But also it should not be still forgotten that white is not appropriate to dress as any black character (or any non-white character) cosplay as it is racism because of white skin and power history. In the case of black, the situation is different because then it is not a question of power.
gowsif 15 päivää sitten
🤣🤣🤣 white people are criticized any time they cosplay non white characters.
some guy with a bird face
some guy with a bird face 15 päivää sitten
Noone Me on Arash cosplay : 😎
lilmamagc 15 päivää sitten
12:48 but this isnt considered white face? 🤔 i dont think so. but if that character was a dark color and someone painted their face dark, i wouldnt consider it black face.
lilmamagc 15 päivää sitten
Black girl here. I agree with most but i disagree with the notion that 'anime should have more black characters because there are black fans". Not true. It's their culture, we chose to like it. They shouldn't feel obligated to change anything for good or for bad, just because we voluntarily chose to become fans. Same thing with kpop. It is THEIR culture and THEIR choice.If they want to add a character that happens to be black, let them do it on their own motive. NOT for "representation" . Like that is just straight up asking for an unneccessary character or plot. I would be more touched if someone did that out of their own interest and desire, not because they felt pressured to do it.
Ramsmeat 15 päivää sitten
A white guy is allowed to cosplay Black Panther?
lilmamagc 15 päivää sitten
of course! if you want to do it, then DO IT
owen suppes
owen suppes 15 päivää sitten
Push the edges. I had the same experience playing basketball at the street ball hot spot in my city. I was called Larry (Larry Bird). Seemed like a slight. Freeze outs. I had to get into it and do some work to get acceptance. All my experiences till then were dominated by my racial grouping. Racism is real. But I want to give you all love. I love when cosplayers play with it and come up with their take.
Marcellus St. Croix
Marcellus St. Croix 15 päivää sitten
Thats why i do my own cosplay.
Luke Holloway
Luke Holloway 10 päivää sitten
@Marcellus St. Croix ya it just white people
Marcellus St. Croix
Marcellus St. Croix 10 päivää sitten
@Luke Holloway so that way i have full control of my characters.
Luke Holloway
Luke Holloway 12 päivää sitten
Marcellus St. Croix
Marcellus St. Croix 15 päivää sitten
This is based because when anime first came to America in the late 70s early 80s blacks werent interested. Anime is mostly asian. And lighter skinned asians discriminate against darker asians. Asians discriminate against blacks. But hey stop asian hate.i do cosplay. But will asians accept blacks in anime?? Prob not.
Marcellus St. Croix
Marcellus St. Croix 10 päivää sitten
@Luke Holloway i wouldnt go as far to say that. Racism, prejudice, discrimination are part of the human element but different levels. I do know Anime is tough for blacks because well the characters are asian/ white. So its tough for us to look like them. Unless you have light skin and some look of asian. Even in anime they rarely have black characters. So in cosplay we have to get creative with what we do. Thats just the reality. Nobody even has mentioned the black Green latern from justice league cartoons
Luke Holloway
Luke Holloway 11 päivää sitten
@Marcellus St. Croix EVERYONE IS RACIST
Marcellus St. Croix
Marcellus St. Croix 12 päivää sitten
@Luke Holloway all the damn time.
Luke Holloway
Luke Holloway 12 päivää sitten
When where Asian ever racist
Fly Casual
Fly Casual 15 päivää sitten
@4:55 "..we don't lighten our skin to cosplay these characters.." @6:22 Lightens her skin to play characters. I honestly and truly believe anyone can do any cosplay regardless of any color, sex, weight, height or age. Also that they can interpret those characters in any way and make changes to the character how ever they please. They more variety the better. But there are parts of this segment that are super hypocritical. If some white dude turned up to a con dressed in a historically black character (even without black face) eg. Black Panther they would be hounded out of there in a instant. Acceptance works both ways. You can't ask for it one way but not allow it in others.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 15 päivää sitten
The only people who has a problem with blk cosplayers are... White and Eastern bigot males! Yet, they want to mimic our ethnic culture with music and fashion. Ironic.
Serious Bismuth
Serious Bismuth 15 päivää sitten
Cat Bishop
Cat Bishop 15 päivää sitten
I love snitchery 🥺💓
djspbb 15 päivää sitten
Not the only way racism works in cosplay. I know of a white cosplayer who was criticized for cosplaying Miles Morales. People really have gotten stupider as this century moves forward.
Trent Franklin
Trent Franklin 15 päivää sitten
To show my support can I use the word "Respect!" Here?
Dwaine Short
Dwaine Short 15 päivää sitten
I would bet my life most of people making fun of them are in their own race
Basch Reddington
Basch Reddington 15 päivää sitten
A real anime fan doesn't care about race or color of the cosplayer's skin. If they do they are fake fans. What anime fans care about is True to the Lore knowledge of said anime and if the cosplay is a very close replication of said anime. Those are real fans. A shared understanding and the feels for the anime.
JCAnimus 15 päivää sitten
I will say when he said "if you know you know" I got that 100%. Nothing too obvious but if you know you know.
Shiin Daisuke
Shiin Daisuke 15 päivää sitten
People are stupid. Just enjoy what you want so long as it isn't illegal, or wrongs a person is my motto.
EXecute OBsessions
EXecute OBsessions 15 päivää sitten
Whoever has a problem with black people liking anime, you are no longer allowed to watch anime!!
Matthew Van Rensburg
Matthew Van Rensburg 16 päivää sitten
Some interesting points, food for thought. Quick question though: May a white person cosplay Black Panther and the like now, or that 'black face'?
Matthew Van Rensburg
Matthew Van Rensburg 15 päivää sitten
@lilmamagc There are many folks who cry foul unfortunately, though, there plenty examples, I know a couple white cosplayers driven away by poor treatment just as much black people, its always the same, toxicity online. Not know what it is about being behind an anonymous avatar, but ppl lose sense of ettiquette. Ive even had to call out my own friends, people I know are good ppl, genuinely good people, its like they completely bi-polar/schitzo between real life and social media. Something about these platforms thats just a toxic influence many fall victim too/cannot resist with all the trolls around fueling it. I think whats important is that we dont lose sight that the loudest trolls are most oft the minority in any setting, and not a real part of the actual community, and when it comes to social media especially, you really cant assume that the trolls are even a true reflection of the actual fan base as they generally not even apart of it, but somebody outside just enjoying opportunity to cause trouble. When it comes to these fanfare and other such activities, I cant remember a time Ive ever actually seen real life imitate the toxicity of social (anti-social) media. People who hate things regularly join online sorts of groups/followings just to rile up the fans, try to ruin things out of spite, pretending to be part of the communities all the time, all spheres, even damn cooking groups and whatnot, and sadly it works, we live in a world we ppl just arent taught how to deal with emotion We've even had ppl arrested for citing violence, pretending to ppl people of races and cultures that they are not just so they incite the violence and hate, its crazy. You honestly dont know, with the anonymity allowed by the platforms, who's actually saying what anymore, who's driving the hate. Here is South Africa, we even experienced a PR firm from Britain cause trouble like that on a political lvl. Google 'Bell Pottinger WMC South Africa' . Mindblowing whats going on around the world, the sort of division being sown and by who for who.
lilmamagc 15 päivää sitten
no, you can do that of course!!! i think the problem is when people literally paint their skin the color to become that race. I can understand people are going for accuracy, but black face aside, i dont think its necessary and that you look better in your own skin. But i think ppl dont like it to see that considering the history attached to it. Even if the wearer has no ill intentions
V S 16 päivää sitten
World first problem
BioGamer Productions
BioGamer Productions 16 päivää sitten
Who's doing this, cosplay is cosplay let them do what they want to cosplay
Katina Pactol-Baez
Katina Pactol-Baez 16 päivää sitten
Eh, they all look AMAZING & if someone identifies enough with a character to put forth that level of effort, I'm all for it... I could only dream of being that creative & bold, especially now that I'm older(in my 40's), but I'm watching my littlest and I'm thinking someday, someday, this might be a path for him too, and I'm kind of excited about it.
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez 16 päivää sitten
This is the dumbest video ever no one ever says anything about black cosplayers not once ever. I swear yall are crying out for attention so bad.
Celestine Plummer
Celestine Plummer 16 päivää sitten
I support all these Cosplayers. These are all super legit, and I wish I could be half as good as them.
Cole TBH
Cole TBH 16 päivää sitten
I feel like this video is more about racism and less about anime. I was jumped and beaten by 4 kids in middle school because I liked anime and I've always been outcasted for it. I can see the point with cosplayers because the black community gets a LOT harder of a time with it but the reason they do is because of racists not people bashing on them because of anime in the first place. The way they make this video just feels like they're trying to act like the good guys and they don't actually mean it. (Vice, not the people interviewed or talked about)
John Doe
John Doe 16 päivää sitten
Why can't blacks cosplay their favorite anime characters ? some of them looked fantastic
Super0Momko 16 päivää sitten
I am sorry, but I don't think it's fair to request more black representation in a media created in a country that doesn't have that many black people.
Sarah Jux
Sarah Jux 16 päivää sitten
I have mad respect for anyone who has the guts to put on a costume and put themselves out there. You are amazing, I will do everything in my capability to show you the respect and appreciation you deserve
cory hutton
cory hutton 16 päivää sitten
Video made because one person left a bad comment on one of their pics or vids.
Sigismondo Tancredi
Sigismondo Tancredi 16 päivää sitten
if cosplay had to be ethnically faithful, most cosplayer would have to be japanese.
James Gitzinger
James Gitzinger 16 päivää sitten
Cosplay is asian erasure. These are Asian characters being whitewashed, or in this case ...blackwashed? How anyone can think this is okay is beyond me. We need to stand with Asian people not destroy their culture.
bobmcbarry 16 päivää sitten
Bruh wtf is this bait
Dirk 16 päivää sitten
Can i cosplay Miles Morales as a white guy? What about black panther? What about jaxx?
lilmamagc 15 päivää sitten
of course
SquireRassilon 17 päivää sitten
Some amazing cosplay in this video, and the streetwear guy is killing it. I'm not sure why they would think japanese animation houses would care about them though? They make it for their own domestic market and any overseas licensing is just a bonus... it's almost like wanting more diversity in bollywood, like why would they do it though?
Azuma G
Azuma G 17 päivää sitten
This is one of the reasons they should make dubbing anime illegal.
James abc
James abc 17 päivää sitten
Oh I'm black and I'm a victim. Grow up you bunch of clowns 🤡
Ty Moore
Ty Moore 17 päivää sitten
Heres the thing. Actually alot of anime fans enjoy seeing eveyone cosplay. But vice wont talk about the hateful fans as they actually hate on white cosplays playing japanese characters. Let everyone cosplay not just particular race gets to cosplay this character. No matter what everyone can cosplay as whoever they want.
Christopher Chaplin
Christopher Chaplin 17 päivää sitten
God damn that Ryuk makeup was great! What was your first anime?
Paris 17 päivää sitten
They forgot to mention how big anime is among neo nazis which where most of the racism is probably coming from
notthis prickagain
notthis prickagain 17 päivää sitten
Wypipo bad
Silver 17 päivää sitten
Oh my god who cares
DoggyPoo 17 päivää sitten
Imagine thinking nobody accuses white people of "cultural appropriation" or anything related to skin color. What kind of insane echochamber do you need to come from
Orain 17 päivää sitten
A black women cosplaying...😍🥰 I'm Hispanic I've been watching anime since I was a child and I always got wired looks when I mentioned it to other people and I've always looked back at them wireded out cause thiers nothing wrong with loving art
McKenna Estelle
McKenna Estelle 17 päivää sitten
I’ve followed the cosplay community for years. Why haven’t I seen people say anything towards black cosplayers? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen cause clearly it does. But like, why don’t I ever see it so I can stand up for them and go off? 😂
The_Wind_Waker 17 päivää sitten
Lol well anime characters represent people of asian and european descent. That's why xD
Viper 17 päivää sitten
If you want to cosplay just do it, I personally like it more when people cosplay a character they actually look like. Not a lot of people have those facial features to pull off a character.
OOF :3
OOF :3 Päivä sitten
@J33vs Starfire isn’t even human? Plus she’s tanned because she lived on another hot exoplanet
J33vs 14 päivää sitten
TRUE, imagine a white person playing sister krone without black make-up, heresy imo, i think skin color plays a huge part of the character youre playing. Even casting can be annoying, for example gamora or starfire, imo black gamora kinda fit more than black starfire. Starfire was certainly not black in the comics or cartoons so its a bit stupid.
SeekerOwl 18 päivää sitten
Not famous, but a fellow black cosplayer here. Much love for you all, keep on shining!
xavier massey
xavier massey 18 päivää sitten
I love cosplay ready for some fun know that everything geting better 🧞‍♀️🗝🎭🌬🔮🌌
nido Rinaa
nido Rinaa 18 päivää sitten
It's awesome so many people openly love anime because that means long time anime fans get more seasons, more remakes or reboots. I'm not okay with people claiming these anime for their own culture. Just don't forgot these stories and characters are made in JAPAN based on their Japanese culture. If you're not being represented in those anime, well I can imagine mostly NONE of us are! I'm not Japanese, you may not be Japanese. Wear whatever you want, I don't care. Just don't claim that anime is specifically for you or not including you, because that's just not the intention of these creators. I would think creators make these stories because PEOPLE like it, not because specific groups or cultures like it.
J Pod
J Pod 18 päivää sitten
This video was true maybe like 10 years ago, so many black ppl watch anime, vice this is dated
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