The Gangs That Steal Your Puppies | Crimewave 

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Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor Tunti sitten
When you want to cut someone through he screen...
NoobyBooby 3 tuntia sitten
Damn. This guy will mess up with some John Wick type men soon.
Dixon L
Dixon L 4 tuntia sitten
These people need putting down
CaptainKramer 12 tuntia sitten
Hopefully they'll find themselves dead or in prison very soon. People like this don't need to live, they've already given up their right on moral principles to be a part of our society.
Grand Theft Gamer
Grand Theft Gamer 14 tuntia sitten
Damn if they tried to take my dogs they wouldn’t find it pleasant, believe me
x x
x x 16 tuntia sitten
obviously it's sunbathe ...... for a change
Jerome’s Bowell movements 100x longrrr
Rumor has it these guys are responsible for dumping DOGEEEEEEEE COIN. Elon may pump but he don't dump.
CA- RFC-NY Rangers
CA- RFC-NY Rangers Päivä sitten
Kieran Penrose
Kieran Penrose Päivä sitten
If someone stole my dog my god I would go to the ends of the world to kill them. Would be a psychopathicly slow death
Adam Foster
Adam Foster Päivä sitten
I'd love to see any of these bag head tramps take my Xl bully puppies, come try it you'll have mom and dad dog making you wish you was never born.
Unlucky Bastard
Unlucky Bastard Päivä sitten
In my country by law a dog it is someone's property.
Jaybird Päivä sitten
Import the third world, become the third world.
Andrew Sheehy
Andrew Sheehy Päivä sitten
Best advice to dog thieves. Learn to outrun 9mm
Nate Ratliff
Nate Ratliff Päivä sitten
uk ting
Truett Johnson
Truett Johnson Päivä sitten
This is why we have the right to bare arms in America!
Kim Caudle
Kim Caudle Päivä sitten
Micro-chip your fur-babies.
VINYL SQUAD Päivä sitten
0:01 😂
Alic Dale
Alic Dale Päivä sitten
Did anybody else hear her growl when she said "for example" at 1:41
Xo_ K7
Xo_ K7 2 päivää sitten
These people are in the same category as rapist
The sweez knees
The sweez knees 2 päivää sitten
Nice setup by police actors
DiRT Art 689
DiRT Art 689 2 päivää sitten
This one was killing me. I have seen a lot of messed up, cokd hearted bullshyte, but these petulant vultures and thier lack of empathy or basic human morals infuriates me beyond belief. I am one of those pet owners who love thier pet like a child. They are not interchangeable or replaceable. They are unique individual beings with feelings and emotions. They feel true love and deep loyalty to thier owners. When they are ripped from thier family, multiple hearts are broken and will leave scars that will last a lifetime...and these turds of society are completely ok with that as long as they can make a buck?! Given the amount of destruction to the lives and peace loss, how is this not a federal offense? The damage done to human lives is on the same level of kidnapping and rape, and that is just the human cost. The animals are psychologically and emotionally devastated as well...and that is considering if the animal is resold as opposed to being torn apart in a dog fighting ring. (I am just oozing rage and dumb-founded how someone could be so cold and malicious to another person like this. Peace to all...except these parasites...they can take a pineapple up the ass.)
Marvin Van Loon
Marvin Van Loon 2 päivää sitten
We need to setup public examples for smugglers and traffickers, kill enough of them and maybe it will stop.
Epic cool
Epic cool 2 päivää sitten
Uk people with puppy dog be careful otherwise the take them😁😁😁😁
Kozuh 3 päivää sitten
Bro wtf this video made me wanna cry so sad
m femme
m femme 3 päivää sitten
Terrible reporter. How dare you! He is just making money. A real reporter REPORTS the facts..not has an opinion. He is a victim too of his circumstances and he LET you in.
Buck Owens
Buck Owens 3 päivää sitten
Shaban Dar
Shaban Dar 3 päivää sitten
Scumbags doing that! Clearly never had any love themselves. Ewe!
froggie 3 päivää sitten
pure evil. poor babies :(
Cunt 3 päivää sitten
Prakash Chettri
Prakash Chettri 3 päivää sitten
Ohh boy gonna pupm 12g, straight in the head. In Philippines they beat them to death if they caught you stealing their beloved pets. You can watch the doc.
Gilberto Tribble
Gilberto Tribble 3 päivää sitten
All these criminals are scumbags fr
Thomas Bacon
Thomas Bacon 4 päivää sitten
What scum to steal a persons dog is as bad as stealing a kid. Only the lowest of the low would do it, may they rot in hell.
allen teo
allen teo 4 päivää sitten
wait...why do all these when u can just adopt? all the breeding, all the stealing, all the smuggling tons of animals are up for adoption and people just didn't think about that it's weird that pet smuggling and black market are going up in pandemic, meanwhile dog adoption center everywhere is screaming for help due to lack of fund
Ronnie Rasta
Ronnie Rasta 4 päivää sitten
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Kaloyan Katrev
Kaloyan Katrev 4 päivää sitten
In France people get their dogs tattooed around the belly part where there is less furr between the legs with the registration number and etc after they get chipped.
Elle Päivä sitten
Tattooing a dog sounds horrible
Adrian Billy
Adrian Billy 4 päivää sitten
The reporter is in the wrong place......
Tiago 4 päivää sitten
Sérieux vous en êtes la venez pas vous plaindre quand vous allez faire ca chez la mauvaise personne en tout cas par chez moi en campagne c'est le fusil directe .
OgreSwordsman[FIN] 4 päivää sitten
Why are people still buying dogs without asking for pedigree documents?
Thad Pemberton
Thad Pemberton 4 päivää sitten
That girls dad's mullet is epic.
Zac Mac
Zac Mac 4 päivää sitten
In England during a pandemic that could cause serious global panic and chaos everyone wants dogs! In the US everyone wants more guns and ammo.
Mz Nurú
Mz Nurú 4 päivää sitten
Hell awaits.
Lily Roeun
Lily Roeun 5 päivää sitten
As bad as this is with the gangs and all, it's also partially the owner's fault. People need to learn to put their dogs on a leash.
Feike H
Feike H 5 päivää sitten
Je heet nu Gemairo
Bombo Clot
Bombo Clot 5 päivää sitten
African food...
Tricia Williams
Tricia Williams 5 päivää sitten
Heartless jerks
milkyway.roblox xx
milkyway.roblox xx 5 päivää sitten
John wick has entered the chat.
musicby davesavage
musicby davesavage 5 päivää sitten
Bunch of 'kin twats. VICE, do an honest job for everyone here, report your "research" to the police and be humane about it...even if staff report as anonymous, just do it. You can't walk away from this footage being proud knowing you did nothing about it can you? ....correct me if I'm wrong.
tys k
tys k 5 päivää sitten
burgelars got into my house what did they take ??? the dog ??? i really dont get the stealing part if they go to countries where dogs r cheap instead of stealing theyd could just go and adobt the street puppies and street dogs and fetch them up a litle bit so that they r presentable than sell those now if you play your cards right not only are u doing a good thing perhaps you get some goverment funds for saving dogs i mean if you steal some english dudes dog they r probertly the ones that would pay most for their own dog
LEE ANDREW 5 päivää sitten
Stealing dogs is fucked but that old white hair lady having a fucking breakdown over it is a bit pathetic
Thuli Ramolefe
Thuli Ramolefe 5 päivää sitten
So what happens when older dogs are spayed?
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117 5 päivää sitten
I don't condone violence but these scum deserve anything they get, and I mean anything. No pity for them.
Mir Media
Mir Media 5 päivää sitten
Who are these people willing to pay £4k for a dog? Sureley they are not regular people. Could people be eating them as delicacy meat?
Francisco S.G.
Francisco S.G. 6 päivää sitten
Those guys deserve a hole in their necks
Alissa Love
Alissa Love 6 päivää sitten
Mother…..🤬 this people have to be online with them face so we can get that devils!!!!
fergal farrelly
fergal farrelly 6 päivää sitten
Amazing work. Thats how humanity is at its best and worst in one story.
fergal farrelly
fergal farrelly 6 päivää sitten
Holy man theres so many dogs and pups at the dump on the rez they die all the time from not being dewormed.
TapCrackLab 6 päivää sitten
To you all dog kidnappers out there, John Wick wants to say HI.
Teralcraft 6 päivää sitten
they would not dare try that in the USA
Brandon LovesCars
Brandon LovesCars 7 päivää sitten
The lady reporter should have kicked the dog kidnappers in their groan or even better shoot them or cut them. That is what they deserve.
alana mcauliffe
alana mcauliffe 7 päivää sitten
This is disgusting
Shaun Diz
Shaun Diz 7 päivää sitten
Straight up if someone stole my dog, I'd make it my life's mission to absolutely destroy that person and their gang
BARDLEG 7 päivää sitten
That main woman of the show, (the blonde, can't remember her name) I hate the accent she puts on to try and be 'hip'!! Just a little skett
BARDLEG 7 päivää sitten
Mass producing dogs is juat making dogs deformed and not how they used to be, its sad really when you see videos comparing dogs from these days to how they was supposed to be back in the day:(
Sheyda Shakurova
Sheyda Shakurova 7 päivää sitten
Please report them to the police! This is malicious …
God Mortis
God Mortis 8 päivää sitten
Why is this fucking Team dont are telling the police about so fuckin peoples who do so bad thigs to the dogs why ????????!?!?!??!!
EL Padroni
EL Padroni 8 päivää sitten
Dam you have to be a sick head and have no heart to steal a pet that’s legit someone’s member of the family
Kakarot96 8 päivää sitten
It’s ok just remember blackie likes fruit loops before bed or he won’t sleep at all and he likes getting pet in between ears when he’s sick
Nikki Manson Ward
Nikki Manson Ward 8 päivää sitten
I think it's appalling that this is happening. There should be much more done to stop this from happening. I'd kill for my dogs, as any dog owner would. People are getting more and more depraved in their acts of greed
MaffiaBullz973 8 päivää sitten
khaleb mackey
khaleb mackey 9 päivää sitten
The mountainous aries internationally nail because toothbrush premenstrually grate down a magenta texture. adamant, glistening glorious footnote
james bondero
james bondero 9 päivää sitten
Like mannie fresh said on the first hot boys album ,LOCK UP THE PUPPIES
Dominic Clarke
Dominic Clarke 9 päivää sitten
Disgusting pure evil
samantha smyth
samantha smyth 9 päivää sitten
Why the help dosent the reporter tell the police !!!!! That poor Labrador at the end my Marley is a lab just like him I swear to god I would hunt them down and tear them apart it's a fucking disgrace the cold hearted bastards I hate them l
Cantthinkofaname 8 päivää sitten
If they tell the police they will never get interviews again with criminal groups
Chris Caliri
Chris Caliri 10 päivää sitten
I got two 140lb pits they can try and take lol
DO HONKY 10 päivää sitten
Get your ice picks good people, time to stop some crooks!
Ryan Rants
Ryan Rants 10 päivää sitten
I hope they rot in hell
Johnny Cipperly
Johnny Cipperly 10 päivää sitten
Wow, people keep pushing the envelope of how horrible they can be. Fucking actual human trash.
Nils Hermes
Nils Hermes 10 päivää sitten
Would ve chopped them up after the vid. What bastards
Jack Woodham
Jack Woodham 10 päivää sitten
If this happened to my pup, it would be an episode of saw. I would not rest
phil jones
phil jones 10 päivää sitten
Steal my dog i would steal your life
1st battalion royal Hampshire Z coy
It’s like watching your kid so your kid doesn’t get kidnapped security is key
Daniel Donohoe
Daniel Donohoe 10 päivää sitten
These people should enjoy hell one day get a job if you need money scum of earth mate
Alex Petrescu
Alex Petrescu 10 päivää sitten
I m a romanian and i can t find a dog, how they do it?😂😂
Hay!ley lyfestyle
Hay!ley lyfestyle 10 päivää sitten
Rakib Sidik
Rakib Sidik 10 päivää sitten
I hope they run across real life John wick
Jesus Franco
Jesus Franco 10 päivää sitten
Can you choose a better title for this stupid ass topic .
Travis Massingale
Travis Massingale 10 päivää sitten
eco was sooooooooo happy
Shar Murt
Shar Murt 10 päivää sitten
Sometimes i watch gore videos about beheadings and mutulation and wonder how someone can do that to another. Untill i realise i would gladly do worse to the one stealing my dog
Angel Prime
Angel Prime 10 päivää sitten
If these guys’d try to take my German Shepard and she will take there wallet’s
Lunar 11 päivää sitten
Someone stole my moms dog once. Only called after we posted a reward Weird thing is, they erre in my neighborhood before the dog went missing. Their kid ratted them out. Little 8 or 9 year old told us his mom grabbed him from our yard. Told em if anything happens again, I'm coming back and buring their house down. Never saw em again
Ricky Hayes
Ricky Hayes 11 päivää sitten
Steal my dog I’ll cut there head off
Elke S
Elke S 11 päivää sitten
I wish she asked “and in choosing to intentionally remove any emotional attachment in order to not become attached to the puppies so you don’t reconsider selling them, does that in anyway contribute to you mistreating them? Are they mistreated in anyway? Or do you would least try to treat them alright?”
Ethan Britto
Ethan Britto 11 päivää sitten
That's why it came to Rome 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
WildDisease 11 päivää sitten
Canada and Prime Minister Trudeau allowing and enabling it to happen over here
Francisco Serrano
Francisco Serrano 11 päivää sitten
I wonder if the owners of these dogs seen this video🤔
MemeFN 11 päivää sitten
the way she says stolen and steal makes me laugh😂😂
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