The Junk King of Texas | Local Legends 

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Vince Hanneman, AKA The Junk King, has become famous in Austin for the massive, multi-room, 60-ton Cathedral of Junk he has been building on his property since the 80s. As the structure grew, he faced complaints from neighbors, resulting in threats from the local government to cease and desist. However, he remained stubborn, jumping through all the hoops officials threw his way so that he could keep the structure standing. Vince, who resides on the same property as his structure, only allows appointments made over the phone. Visitors who show up without an appointment are often turned away. Vince and his Cathedral of Junk encapsulates the infamous slogan, “Keep Austin Weird”.
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VICE Uukausi sitten
Is there a Local Legend where you're from? Tell us about them below. 👇
JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE 2 päivää sitten
@Marcelo Gauna ???????????????????????
Marcelo Gauna
Marcelo Gauna 2 päivää sitten
JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE 2 päivää sitten
@Marcelo Gauna ?
Marcelo Gauna
Marcelo Gauna 2 päivää sitten
The running man in north Austin Texas off of rundberg and north Lamar. I remember when I was just a kid and he would be running in place with a microphone like he’s performing. You can actually google him. Running man Austin Texas.
JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE 8 päivää sitten
@Matt who? The Junk King of Texas | Local Legends 1001am 8/4/21 need a pooh? then pop over to vince's house and take a look at his mighty metallic doo-doo...
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Päivä sitten
Alex Krempasky
Alex Krempasky Päivä sitten
what happened to jeff goldbloom?
A W 2 päivää sitten
Went there for a bachelor party last year. It's awesome. Vince is the man. He's not nearly as hard to reach as it comes across in the video
Jeffery's Mom!!!
Jeffery's Mom!!! 2 päivää sitten
ooo he's killing with those jokes folks!!!...
Sreeprasad shetty
Sreeprasad shetty 3 päivää sitten
Vice and this guy are made for each other....the pun is intended by both
Matthew Sharp
Matthew Sharp 6 päivää sitten
This guy is my absolute most favorite person to ever walk this earth 😂 the dad jokes and his full on ownery of the things he does makes me aspire to be like him when im older😂
Phuck YouTube
Phuck YouTube 7 päivää sitten
Well I know where to stay away from so much fake sht going on I can't even
Graham X
Graham X 8 päivää sitten
He reminds me of so many awesome hippies I hung out and partied with in my teens and early 20s. Miss those days, though sleeping on couches gets old. As cities keep getting more expensive most artist types are just moving out to smaller towns where they have more space and are closer to nature.
EffingtonCouldBe 9 päivää sitten
I want to see this in my Oculus Quest 2. 360 video / shot in 4k. Get to it. lol. ☺
RUNstrong 10 päivää sitten
What an excellent human. So well spoken.
TheExodian 12 päivää sitten
Are we not gonna talk about the tattoo guy? With the pierced in mask
justin brew
justin brew 13 päivää sitten
That dude seems cool as heck
justin brew
justin brew 13 päivää sitten
Haha ...my dude smokes... im sure of it.....
Nika Kloosterman
Nika Kloosterman 14 päivää sitten
This guy is pretty smart for not turning this into a business, cus one day, he'd be facing a massive lawsuit from someone who had something fall on them
beamer boyy
beamer boyy 16 päivää sitten
I want to know if he finds his junk queen
ʀᴇᴛʀᴏᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ 18 päivää sitten
only an american would get married in a scrap heap. smfh
Cris topher
Cris topher 19 päivää sitten
Austin hasn't been weird since 2012.
Great day 🌞 watching from Nagaland
t fanning
t fanning 21 päivä sitten
Ppl all impressed with a rusty bottle cap necklace saying “ these are rescue bottle caps” stfu
Van Gogh
Van Gogh 23 päivää sitten
7:19 Duck man
Slide Off
Slide Off 24 päivää sitten
I’d be his new Junk Queen In a heartbeat 💗 contact me, Vince!!!
Gambia’s Grandma
Gambia’s Grandma 27 päivää sitten
Austin is the one place in Texas where everyone is super down with all the Mexican immigrants but can’t stand Californians lol.
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 28 päivää sitten
Austing and Texas overall suck. I've been living here for 8 years, the police in Texas are still arresting people over Cannabis and destroying lives.
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis 29 päivää sitten
I really dig this guy. What a cool person with a wild vision.
Mr Watto
Mr Watto 29 päivää sitten
To think this is just junk that he's saved, imagine what's going into the ground in landfills around the world 🌎 Reminds of the Cathedral in Barcelona, where the chap started building over 100 years ago & it's still going on..... bit by bit. Cheap hipsters, then cuts or man with stretch ear lobes, his wife with heavy tattoos.
Cj Michael Rodriguez
Cj Michael Rodriguez Uukausi sitten
Call your self what ever you want it’s called being a hoarder
Belo 225
Belo 225 Uukausi sitten
Had a blast on 6th st. Thank you Austin
Arch E
Arch E Uukausi sitten
As a minimalist, I can appreciate the beauty of catherdal of Junk.
Curtis Confuz
Curtis Confuz Uukausi sitten
3:56 just turn the music down after 10.
Henry Jarnigan
Henry Jarnigan Uukausi sitten
this video filled me with a patriotic fervor only growing up in Austin could give me
daniel provder
daniel provder Uukausi sitten
Production reminds me of Great Big Story
Game Taco
Game Taco Uukausi sitten
Man he looks like an older Jeff Goldblum
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium Uukausi sitten
Goddamn hipsters
bigi goblin eater
bigi goblin eater Uukausi sitten
what a junkie
C C Uukausi sitten
If he's the Junk King, wouldn't it be his Junk Castle?
Aaron Sheahan
Aaron Sheahan Uukausi sitten
If Andy Dick owned a junkyard lol
dePlant Uukausi sitten
Think is what americans think is “art”. 😂???
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa Uukausi sitten
The creatour of the joint could be related to the assistant principal of the school I attended amidst my preteen days AND before my adolescent days?
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa Uukausi sitten
I wouldn't have junk in my future crib if I were to become a payable homeowner.
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa Uukausi sitten
If I have too much junk, I'll guarantee to donate it to charity. DON'T NEED THE OBSOLETE ON THE FLOOR? GIVE THEM TO THE POOR!
Matteo Pagliarulo
Matteo Pagliarulo Uukausi sitten
Is this guy the voice over voice?????
Tum Jo
Tum Jo Uukausi sitten
Show up with a doobie you get in everytime lolol🤣😂
James M
James M Uukausi sitten
There is a castle in Colorado that is similar to this but wayyy more fascinating. The tower is like 5 stories and sways in the wind! Bishop Castle has a draw bridge and all kinds of wild political statements 😜
Bryant Givens
Bryant Givens Uukausi sitten
Wicked big pot plant bud
Dustin Uukausi sitten
I h8 hipsters. I h8 Austin. They are turning my state to shitty California. (Middle finger emoji)
adrian garcia
adrian garcia Uukausi sitten
Luv this guy
profiles Uukausi sitten
"Junk mail" okay Dad
Jake M
Jake M Uukausi sitten
This guy is awesome!
koosmangat Uukausi sitten
Ok... next
Dale Romdenne
Dale Romdenne Uukausi sitten
Love his cool soul. He is a great artist.
Ana Sousa
Ana Sousa Uukausi sitten
I have been Vincents neighbor for about 20 -21 years and I have yet to step foot inside that thing lol I dont know why I just haven't
Syd900 Uukausi sitten
You're gonna want to go in triple, or quadruple on your masks people
Yo Diig
Yo Diig Uukausi sitten
Vice... Hamilton is carrying you on his back.
pablo giannotti-garlinghouse
DUUUDE I love this guy I visited his palace when I was like 7 or 8 it was one of the coolest memories I have of that time in my childhood
Henry Livingstone
Henry Livingstone Uukausi sitten
Cheap hipsters 😂😂😂
Stephen Fawking III
Stephen Fawking III Uukausi sitten
One mans junk is another mans castle
Dániel Langó
Dániel Langó Uukausi sitten
He has similar voice to Bill Gates
Jim B
Jim B Uukausi sitten
American pickers need to go there.
The51stAgent Uukausi sitten
Been there! Vince is cool as hell and the cathedral is soo cool!!
Socially Distant
Socially Distant Uukausi sitten
I love this guy.
Katception Uukausi sitten
I’m pretty sure I saw this on that one show where the two guys get in a van and drive to junk yards and buy things and then resell them at their store - I can’t remember the name of the show
Mojo jojo
Mojo jojo Uukausi sitten
Great sense of humor
Spaceman3859 Uukausi sitten
He looks like Jeff goldblum
Stoned Crusader
Stoned Crusader Uukausi sitten
Samantha Joy
Samantha Joy Uukausi sitten
My entire childhood was spent watching Harriet the Spy..... when I saw this picture I was like omg 😭 it's that ladies garden x10
Anthony Calnero
Anthony Calnero Uukausi sitten
I love it
Rui Campos
Rui Campos Uukausi sitten
We need more weardous people 😰 In my town there's many, we had a guy that walked with half shoes, his toes were out of the cuted tennis he was so tall but very freaky carater
Slooby Uukausi sitten
Fallout 5 looks amazing!
Alpha Manga
Alpha Manga Uukausi sitten
This is organized hording
K Lu Quinn
K Lu Quinn Uukausi sitten
Like they say in ATX, “Keep Austin Weird” 😑
mlee Uukausi sitten
How is this celebrated, as if it's a good thing?...A for effort, I guess.
young icewater
young icewater Uukausi sitten
Ain’t that fat Alberts crib
Calumeup Uukausi sitten
I wish Vinny would find someone who loves him as much as they love the cathedral! Touching piece vice
Funk Shiz
Funk Shiz Uukausi sitten
Shows how interesting Texas is
WB Capital
WB Capital Uukausi sitten
I love this dudes energy!
Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette Uukausi sitten
His dad jokes are 🔥
Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette Uukausi sitten
Maxx Gibbs
Maxx Gibbs Uukausi sitten
"Austin's charm" lol there is absolutely nothing charming about Austin. I've seen outhouses with more charm than Austin lmao
PornWubz Uukausi sitten
Austin is more homeless than weird lmao
Burn It Down
Burn It Down Uukausi sitten
Hoarders are 'local legends' in texas
ElisabethinCA Uukausi sitten
He is the kind of guy you really want in your life as a friend. Quirky, creative and funny. What a nice guy.
Schmidtchens Katze
Schmidtchens Katze Uukausi sitten
Real life wall-e
ImaCyclePath Uukausi sitten
I’m just glad I don’t live next to him.
John Smith
John Smith Uukausi sitten
This is a cool site.. this is what humanity should be about. .. living your dream.
galih ramadhan
galih ramadhan Uukausi sitten
this mate is my spirit animal
C. M.
C. M. Uukausi sitten
The laugh after “tire iron” kills me lol
krazyhippy Uukausi sitten
It's cool, but the one in Colorado is waaay better.
Sean Browne
Sean Browne Uukausi sitten
Been here, he's a good bloke.
The Old Blood
The Old Blood Uukausi sitten
Vice. Making something out of nothing for 2 decades strong
fireball0074 Uukausi sitten
That womans tattoos 👁👁
C V Uukausi sitten
thats a junk castle. how do i knew? he got "junk king" written on his hands. not junk pope
Reykor Jande
Reykor Jande Uukausi sitten
How does one go about getting a permit for something like that?
Pepper Sprout
Pepper Sprout Uukausi sitten
Do people offer him money for pieces of it? Like it's a weird rummage sale or something...
Hollie Dean
Hollie Dean Uukausi sitten
Wait how does he make money to support himself tho
ATXSmokinAce Uukausi sitten
Halcyon Uukausi sitten
Lol keep Austin weird my friend
D J Uukausi sitten
Borderands 3 trashlantis
Zueicide Sin
Zueicide Sin Uukausi sitten
Dude sounds cool as hell.
Bryson Co
Bryson Co Uukausi sitten
I love him
Jason Uukausi sitten
I remember this place when I was younger..it was cool.
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